Save 66% on Kerbal Space Program Steam keys (Deal of the Day)

    Every so often we highlight products and services that fall outside of the scope of Android and mobile devices. Today is one of those situations as our Deal of the Day relates to Steam and a specific, yet popular, title.

    Available for only $13.59 right now, you can get yourself a license to Kerbal Space Station, a highly rated game that’s been around for a few years. For those not aware, that’s a savings of 66% off the normal cost of $39.99.

    What is Kerbal Space Station? Oh, it’s only a game with crazy solid reviews from the likes of PC World, IGN, and PC Gamer.  Players are tasked with building a space-worthy craft that can fly crew out into space without killing them. You’ll have a host of parts at your disposal to help create a functional ship. Each one has its own unique function and will affect the way a ship flies – or doesn’t fly. For added realism, the game is built with help from NASA.


    One of the most decorated simulation games of the past five years is looking to land gently on your computer. Kerbal Space Program, the fully-fledged, physics-based space flight simulation game is here to help you venture deep into the final frontier. Create and manage your own space program from the ground up, building and flying spacecraft, exploring distant worlds, and finding parts of the game nobody has gone before.


    • Explore an enormous Kerbal Planet & even more diverse moons, planets, & galaxies
    • Take your Kerbal crew out of the ship & do Extra Vehicular Activities
    • Play w/ real ship systems, flight physics, & actual parts to develop a serious aerospace understanding
    • Build multi-staged ships & take full control over the staging sequence for more complex ships
    • Dock spacecraft together to build space stations, starships, or even surface bases on other planets
    • Manage & hire a team of crew members & send them into space to become heroes
    • Take on a variety of complex & engaging missions to attract in your space program
    • Join a vibrant, diverse community of space & explosion enthusiasts to get game mods, learn from the Wiki, chat in official forums, & more

    Where to Buy

    To purchase your license to Kerbal Space Program, head to the AndroidGuys Deals Store and snag it for a mere $13.59. At one third of the regular cost, it leaves you with extra money to but something nice for someone else.

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