Save over 50% on the Luminid Light Up Cable to save yourself some headaches

    We’ve all been there before at some point in time. You are ready to roll into bed, but you need to plug in your phone before you pass out for the night. In your exhaustion, you have to fumble with the charger, not being able to get the charger plugged in the right way.

    This is something that everyone has been dealing with for years. Even if you’re an early adopter of USB Type-C, you’ve had to deal with this issue in the past with your older phones. Luckily, for those of us who haven’t upgraded to a USB Type-C device, there’s a cable available that will help you make sure you’re plugging the charger in correctly even if it’s the middle of the night.


    The Luminid Touch Light-Up Cable has two LED lights build into the Micro-USB end of the cable, that will light up whenever you touch the edge. This will illuminate the area that you’re pointing the cable so that you will easily be able to identify where you will need to plug your device into. You will no longer have to worry about scratching up the bottom of the phone, or accidentally pushing the cable in too far, in the wrong direction.

    • Activate the automated touch light w/ your fingertips
    • Use consistently; strong PVC jacket cord & strain relief won’t tear
    • Sync & charge your phone simultaneously
    • Use safely w/ micro USB compatible devices
    • Get the flexibility of 40″ in length

    Normally priced at $20, you can jump on this great deal for the Luminid Touch Light-Up Cable for only $8.99. That’s a savings of over 50% for a cable that can solve your headaches with your Micro-USB devices. Of course, this cable isn’t life-saving, but avoiding the frustration of plugging the cable in the wrong way, is definitely something worth checking out.

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    AndroidGuys Deals: Luminid Touch Light-Up Cable (Micro-USB)

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