Store your files forever with a lifetime subscription of pCloud Premium Cloud Storage for only $59.99 (Deal of the Day)

    How many pictures or documents do you think you have? Not in terms of files, but in terms of storage space? We’re willing to bet you’ve got gigabytes worth of documents floating around. Whether it’s from phones here and there or files on various computers, you’ve probably got a lot of important data that you need to keep for important moments.

    Chances are good you are backing some of that up either automatically or manually with services like Google Photos. Additionally, if you’re like a lot of Android users, you’re probably tapping into Google Drive for help.

    What happens, though, should you get close to filling up your allotted storage space? YEsm you can get more from your current provider; however, before you break out that credit card and blindly purchase the next package up, consider today’s deal. How would you like a a lifetime account with 500GB worth of storage for the price of a date night meal?

    pCloud Premium Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription


    Isn’t it time you started keeping everything in one central location? Not only that, but we think you need to get some automation and synchronization in your life, too. The pCloud solution can back up files that you’ve got store elsewhere, including Dropbox, Facebook, and OneDrive.


    • Get 500GB of cloud storage & 500GB of download link traffic without taking up any space on your computer
    • Download & upload links fast & invite users to shared folders for easy collaboration
    • Enjoy high-level security w/ a 256-bit TLS/SSL connection & client-side encryption through pCloud Crypto
    • Boot up auto upload from your iOS or Android camera to get photos on the cloud fast
    • Sync your data across multiple devices automatically & w/ any folder
    • Access content of unlimited size w/ built-in video & player & HD video streaming
    • Backup your files from Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, & OneDrive
    • Stream audio & video on all your devices w/ pCloud’s built-in media players
    • Access on multiple devices, from PC & Mac, tablet, smartphone, & more

    Where to Buy

    You pick up the lifetime account of pCloud Premium Cloud Storage for only $59.99 through the AndroidGuys Deals Store. Hurry, though, this discounted price won’t last long!

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