Finding the right car insurance can be difficult. Between price, level of coverage, and control over your plan, picking the right car insurance can be as labor-intensive as picking the right car. If you’re looking for a car insurance plan that has better coverage at lower prices, then consider Clearcover.

Clearcover is an affordable, completely digital car insurance provider that is easy to use, and there for you when you need it. From the comfort of your phone, you can set up your plan, file claims, pay bills, and view proof of your insurance. Because Clearcover is an entirely digital car insurance provider, the process is expedited, so you can check your price in just a few minutes

Available in 16 states across the US, Clearcover has a 90% satisfaction rate among customers. That 90% is earned by transparent pricing and clear communication about what your plan will cover–fast and easy online service, and coverage where you need it. 

Clearcover simplifies the car insurance process for you by giving you digital access to access to everything you need. From your phone, you can file claims and check your price, which are tasks that require long periods on hold for other insurance providers. You will even be able to view proof of your insurance anywhere, even if you don’t have a wifi connection. 

Reasonable prices and a guarantee of convenience make Clearcover an easy choice for your car insurance needs. Experienced drivers and those new to the road alike can benefit from quality, affordable service that you can access anywhere. 

With consistently excellent reviews, Clearcover is an insurance company that can give you coverage you don’t have to worry about for a price that won’t break the bank. If you are looking for a car insurance provider that will cover you when you need it and fade into the background when you don’t, then Clearcover is the provider for you. 

Be sure to check out everything Clearcover has to offer in the way of fast, convenient, and entirely digital car insurance. Drivers can switch car insurance at any time, so take this opportunity now to get Clearcover for all your car insurance needs. 

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