Get a comprehensive primer on VMware for just $12

    Become a cloud computing whiz for $3 per course

    If you’ve never heard of virtual machines or virtualization, you’re likely unaware of its benefits in the IT space. But, those who do know about it, appreciate it for its efficiency and productivity.

    VMware is an integrated cloud visualization and virtualization concept that streamlines the entire computing process. And the Ultimate VMware Mastery Bundle, well that’s your everything-you-need-to-know training bundle to help you navigate the landscape.

    With 26 hours of instruction, this four-part kit can help lead you to some of the best and most high-paying careers cloud computing.

    Ultimate VMware Mastery Bundle

    • Access 4 courses & 26+ hours of content 24/7
    • Obtain essential skills such as VMware, Virtualization, vCenter, vSphere, Virtual Machines & more
    • Understand basic virtualization concepts
    • Learn how to download & deploy VMware vCenter
    • Administer vSphere infrastructure

    Through the training you’ll become familiar with how to build, manage and grow using VMware virtualization. Additionally, there’s education on the VMware platform, how to use virtual desktop, and its flagship product, vSphere.

    When it’s all said and done, you’ll know how hundreds of virtual computers, each with their own respective operating systems, all from the same physical server. By having networking and memory functions shared on one server across your VMs, you’ll save money, hardware, time.

    Save Big

    This collection is a package of training valued at $400, but with our limited-time offer, you can get up to speed on VMware for pennies on the dollar. Use the promo code 40LEARN40 at checkout and the entire bundle is yours for only $12. Miss out and we’ve still got your back at $19.99.

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