Use the Frontend JavaScript Coding Bootcamp to create the best web applications

    There are a lot of different languages to learn if you want into the world of coding and development. For instance, there’s HTML5, Java, CQL, Ruby, and more coding languages becoming popular all the time. Today’s deal focuses on one of the coding languages that has been around for quite the while: JavaScript.

    The Frontend JavaScripte Coding Bootcamp is a bundle of seven different courses for you to learn how to code any app or game that you have. Within these courses, you will learn the basics of coding with JavaScript, and then you will be taken on a path that will teach you the ins and outs of coding and developing beautiful web applications. What makes this bundle so awesome is that just about every course walks you through creating a web application with the tools provided.


    [list][item icon=”fa-code” ]Build Web Apps Using EmberJS: The Complete Course

    Power Your App Development Process By Automating Common Backend Processes

    • Use EmberJS to create web apps w/ 4.5 hours of content
    • Set up your NodeJS environment
    • Understand how to use routes, templates, handlebars & more
    • Source data from models & use the Ember Data Library
    • Create a working to-do list app by course’s end


    [item icon=”fa-code” ]Learn to Build Web Apps using D3JS

    Convert Complex Spreadsheets into Simplified Data Visualizations

    • Master use of the D3JS library w/ 3.5 hours of content
    • Generate data visualizations of complex datasets
    • Use the selection & binding tools
    • Understand how to use the Scalar Graphics library
    • Apply your newly acquired knowledge w/ a final project


    [item icon=”fa-code” ]Learn to Build Web Apps Using UnderscoreJS: Code Like a Pro

    This Potent Library Provides Common Utility Functions to Help You Code More Effectively

    • Master UnderscoreJS w/ 3.5 hours of content
    • Access a resource to help you code more effectively & efficiently
    • Get a refresher on JavaScript fundamentals
    • Understand how to use array, object & collection functions
    • Master use of wrapping & utility functions
    • Complete a customer data project by course’s end


    [item icon=”fa-code” ]Learn to Program in BackboneJS: Code Like a Pro

    Master This Tool to Expedite Building Single-Page Web Apps & Complex UIs

    • Dive into BackboneJS w/ 5 hours of content
    • Build powerful single-page web apps
    • Learn about & integrate RESTful APIs
    • Master JavaScript, jQuery & UnderscoreJS
    • Understand how collections, views, routers & events work
    • Complete a final project to consolidate your new skills


    [item icon=”fa-code” ]Build Apps with ReactJS: The Complete Course

    Efficiently Create Dynamic User Interfaces with This Powerful Library

    • Master the ReactJS framework w/ 5.5 hours of content
    • Use React in conjunction w/ backend technologies: NodeJS, ExpressJS, etc.
    • Familiarize yourself w/ and utilize JSX
    • Understand how states, properties & methods work
    • Set up your server API and use AJAX to fetch & post data
    • Understand & implement React add-ons


    [item icon=”fa-code” ]Learn Knockout JS Framework from GroundUp

    Effectively Create Scalable Apps with This Handy Framework

    • Learn about KnockoutJS w/ 5 hours of content
    • Effectively develop scalable single-page apps
    • Utilize data binding to effectively organize your code
    • Understand and utilize view models & observables
    • Write easy-to-read code using templates & components
    • Complete a final project to consolidate your knowledge


    [item icon=”fa-code” ]Learn Facebook Flux Architecture for Web Applications

    Utilize This Elegant & Intuitive Architecture to Build Scalable Apps

    • Build apps using the Flux architecture w/ 6.5 hours of content
    • Understand the fundamentals of how Flux works
    • Utilize Flux’s simple data flow, semantically descriptive actions & more
    • Set up your programming environment & utilize Flux tools
    • Master Flux components: action creators, dispatchers & stores
    • Use Flux in conjunction w/ the React UI library
    • Effectively develop scalable web apps


    Within the Frontend JavaScript Coding Bootcamp, you’ll find seven different courses, which are highlighted above, that contain over 32 hours of instruction. Normally courses like this would run you $99 individually, and almost $700 if purchased together. Luckily, you won’t have to pay that because that’s not how we roll here at AndroidGuys. You can get the Frontend JavaScript Coding Bootcamp for only $39, saving over 90% and have everything you need to develop the best web applications possible.

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