Use the Ruby on Rails Coding Bootcamp to code your way to greatness!

    We know how it is. You have an idea for an app, but you don’t know how to code and develop. And it costs too much to put your idea into the hands of others. Well today’s deal from AndroidGuys aims to help you out.

    The Ruby on Rails Coding Bootcamp is a bundle of six different courses for you to learn how to code any app or game that you have. Within these courses, you will learn the basics of Ruby on Rails, and then you will be taken on a path that will teach you the ins and outs of creating your own applications. There is even a course that will walk you through creating your own application so that you’ll have the experience you need to be confident in releasing an application on your own.

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    [list][item icon=”fa-code” ]BDD with Ruby on Rails: Using RSpec 3 & Capybara

    Gain Essential Skills for Your Resume w/ Automation & Behavior Driven Development
    • Learn Behavior Driven Development w/ over 103 lectures & 13 hours of content
    • Gain essential RSpec & Capybara experience for automated testing
    • Emulate browser-based user behavior to complete a business process from beginning to end
    • Give your resume a boost
    • Build two complex & functional web apps
    • Learn to work w/ external JavaScript libraries for charts & date pickers
    • Study migrations, one-to-many & many-to-many associations
    • Utilize Rails 4.2


    [item icon=”fa-code” ]The Professional Ruby on Rails Developer

    Imagine, Design & Build Advanced Web Applications
    • Practice & understand the fundamentals w/ 94 lectures & 15+ hours of content
    • Study Rails 4 using cloud-based Integrated Development Environment
    • Work w/ Git for version control & GitHub as a code repository
    • Study Rails MVC structure in-depth: models, views & controllers
    • Conceptualize & design using wireframing tools
    • Building an authentication system using default Rails stack: admin feature, log in/logout & signup
    • Work w/ Bootstrap for UI, Amazon Web Services for file/image hosting, file uploaders, Gravatars
    • Test Driven Development (TDD) for certain features using Minitest
    • Study model & non-model backed forms, implementing like/dislike voting feature
    • Learn migrations, one-to-many & many-to-many associations


    [item icon=”fa-code” ]Learn Ruby on Rails by Building Projects

    Upgrade You Ruby on Rails Skills with Hands-On Projects
    • Upgrade your Ruby on Rails skills w/ over 47 lectures & 13 hours of content
    • Install Ruby on Rails & MySQL to build a simple web app
    • Create a complete blog management system like WordPress while mastering Ruby technique
    • Explore professional Ruby techniques while creating a Ruby image gallery
    • Extend your code to make a shopping cart
    • Learn to use Ruby code effectively in commercial projects
    • Study best software development practices


    [item icon=”fa-code” ]Comprehensive Ruby on Rails

    Start Building Powerful Apps with This Robust Framework
    • Learn to build applications w/ Ruby on Rails with 38 lectures & 6.5 hours of content
    • Study Rails scaffold generators
    • Learn how to use git repositories
    • Build custom file uploaders & downloaders
    • Understand database modeling & query generation
    • Create & handle form data for input into the database
    • Set up secure user logins
    • Build a search engine for the app
    • Learn HTML & CSS customization
    • Use the Rails console
    • Deploy the application to a live website
    • See how the Model – View – Controller (MVC) framework works in action
    • Study object oriented programming (OOP)


    [item icon=”fa-code” ]Ruby on Rails for Web Development

    Learn Ruby on Rails the Fast & Easy Way!
    • Learn to use Ruby on Rails for web development w/ 19 videos & 5 hours of content
    • Watch the creation of a Pinterest website
    • Follow along & build your own clone of the Pinterest site
    • Get a solid understanding of Ruby on Rails & how to use it to build awesome web apps
    • Watch the videos at your own pace
    • Post questions along the way if you get stuck


    [item icon=”fa-code” ]Ruby on Rails for Beginners

    Get Started Developing with Ruby on Rails!
    • Create fully interactive Rails applications w/ 38 lectures & 5 hours of content
    • Learn how applications are built
    • Connect databases to Rails applications
    • Complete a challenging course project
    • Boost your employability with a valuable new skill
    • Study requirements, installation & the basic setup and features
    • Understand what Rails can do


    Within the Ruby on Rails Coding Bootcamp, you’ll find six different courses which are highlighted above, that contain over 57 hours of instruction. Normally courses like this would run you between $99 and $300 individually, and almost $1,300 if purchased together. Luckily, you won’t have to pay that because that’s not how we roll here at AndroidGuys. You can get the Ruby on Rails Coding Bootcamp for only $29 and have everything you need to create the best applications possible.

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    AndroidGuys Deals: Ruby on Rails Coding Bootcamp

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