VoCore2 Mini pint-sized Linux computer and router fits in palm of your hand

    If there’s one constant that we’ve seen over the last decade or more of tech, it’s that people love Linux. Techies, nerds, and tinkerers love the open-source operating system and all of the cool things that come with it.

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    Whether its Android on your phone, a version of Linux on a Raspberry Pi, or something else, chances are good that you’re using it somewhere. It’s a lot of fun once you get to understand it, and there’s a world of great things that await you.

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    Take, for instance, the team at VoCore who went and made a tiny, adorable Linux computer that packs a wireless router, 128MB DDR RAM, 16M onboard storage, and a USB 2.0 for display output.

    Hook it up to any display monitor you’re ready to put it to work. Use it as a streaming station, VPN gateway, for data storage, or whatever else you can think up.

    VoCore2 Features

    • Use the VoCore2 Ultimate as a VPN gateway to secure your network
    • Stream AirPlay music & store your data in a private cloud
    • Display images in high-quality for embed devices using the VoCore2 screen
    • Display real color images & videos for non-MIPI, HDMI devices

    The VoCore2 Mini Linux Computer Bundle, available for $69 (a 13% discount), includes an 800 X 480 screen, a perfect complimentary display for the tiny powerhouse PC.

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