External Links

AndroidGuys will often link to the products and services we talk about, both directly and indirectly. We aim to link familiar companies, brands, and products that our team trusts and can stand behind.

Our chief concern as it pertains to outbound links is to provide convenient hand-offs to reputable and trusted sources for the product, brand, or service we reference.

Select companies offer affiliate programs in direct and indirect manner. Should you purchase an item through a link that is tagged and tracked with an affiliate, we may receive a small commission or percentage of revenue.

The money generated from these links is used to support the site, pay for hosting, writers, advertising, and other related expenses. It also helps us to reduce the number and methods of advertising.

Select staff members may also have their own Amazon Affiliate accounts. While they are permitted to insert links in their content, writers are encouraged to prominently link to the official retailer, manufacturer, brand, or service.

If you believe that our destinations, practices, or linking policies could be improved, we welcome the feedback.