If you’re like me, you probably hate having to wake up really early. But let’s face it – the nature of modern life makes it impossible to start our dates at later hours. So it’s essential you’re able to jump start our day as quickly and efficiently as possible, that is – if we want to get everything on the agenda done.

So today we bring you a few applications for Android designed to help you get started on a productive day. It’s all about establishing the right mourning routine and sticking with it. Science says it takes up to 66 days to create a habit and these apps are just the thing you need to push you along the right path.


Are you a deep sleeper that lives alone? Check out the Walkie application which is based on a pretty quirky idea. Did you know that in Industrial England you could hire people to wake you up? They were called knocker uppers and citizens would pay them to came to their house and bang at your door (sometimes their windows too). Well Walkie works in a similar fashion, except you don’t have to pay the person who is in charge of waking you up.

All you need to do is create a topic within the app and then get on the phone with the right person. It’s an anonymous free service and the calls are automatically interrupted after one minute, so you don’t have to keep chatting with a total stranger when you’re barely awake. Walkie can be also used for a variety of things. For example, you can request to speak to a native Icelander in order to perfect your language skills.

Sleep Cycle

For those who want to be waken up less brutally, the Sleep Cycle app might be the right choice. The application tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up during your light sleep phase. It’s the natural way to wake up and Sleep Cycle guarantees you’ll feel well-rested and relaxed.

Sleep Cycle is also intelligent enough to find the optical time to wake you up during a 30-minute window that ends at your set alarm time.

Coffee cup

The best coffee is the one you make yourself, right? This neat, little app will help you learn new coffee recipes and walk you through all the steps you need to go through to produce a delicious beverage.

Coffee cup features 26 animated recipes, as well as recipe evaluation and history. You can also create your own coffee mix and share your recipes with the community of coffee loving users such as yourself.


While you savor that delicious cup of coffee, why not listen to some good music? The free version of SoundCloud lets you discover new and trending music based on your tastes. It lets you save music to your collection, so you can easily go back and listen to it again. It’s a great app for setting up a great ambience in the morning.


Ok, so you’re done with your morning routine and you want to know how the weather is going to be like and what you should wear for the day too. AccuWeather for Android is one of the best apps you can turn to, to get your dose of daily weather information. AccuWeather delivers super-localized weather reports, right-down to your street. With this app installed on your phone you will never walk out of the house unprepared.


Flipboard is one of the most popular news apps out there. So if you like reading the latest stories while on the bus or subway going to work, Flipboard is a great choice. It’s a RSS-style type of app just like Feedly when you can add all your favorite news sources show up in one place.

You can also pick your passions (example: technology and science or travel) and the app will create a Smart Magazine for each and populate it with relevant articles for you.

Users can save stories for later reading and check out the trending article section conveniently located on the front page. It’s pretty useful app to have on your phone, especially if you’re constantly thirsting for new knowledge.

Zombies, Run!

Exercise is good for your mind and soul, but how many of us have running only to give it up at some point? Yeah, fitness can get extremely boring. However, this creative app tries to make working out look less dull.

It creates a narrative around you, the “Runner”. You have to imagine yourself living in a post-apocalyptic, zombie plagued England, where you’ll be given missions to collect supplies, save others and run from the zombies.

Zombies, Run! also offers a musical background to accompany you in the 160+ missions available. There is a free and a paid version of the app.

Workout Trainer

If running isn’t really your think, you can check out the Workout Trainer app. It delivers fun workout ideas to help you get in shape. It offers a multitude of options including cardio, weights core and yoga. You can do it all from the comfort of your home – you won’t even have to go to the gym.


Check what’s on today’s agenda, by employing the helping hand of TickTick. The app allows users to create lists on things that need to get done. It also features cloud syncing, so you can keep track of tasks on all of your devices. You can also set priority levels and highlight the most important tasks.

TickTick is quite intuitive to use. For those who want more, there’s a Pro version that adds more advanced features to the table.

Google Maps

Google Maps has recently added some powerful features. The app lets you input your home and work address in order to deliver real-time traffic updates and ETAs to your commutes. You can ask the app to display bus timetables too, in case you want to leave the car at home.

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