Are you having a hard time finding the right gifts for friends and loved ones this year? Do you have a friend who is always tapping his/her foot or humming to a certain obscure tune? The advent of technology has drastically changed we experience music, giving fans a chance to listen to their favorite music anywhere they go.

That being said, you can take advantage of the technology revolution and buy your music loving friends a piece of hi-tech which will enable them to enjoy their most loved tunes at all day everyday. Here’s a few ideas on what to get them:

Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones


If you have a more generous gift budget at your disposal this year, we recommend you consider purchasing the Sennheiser HD 800 headphones for your loved one.

Sennheiser needs no introduction, as it’s probably one of the best known audio companies in the world. It was founded in Germany 1945 and since then spread out across many countries. The Sennheiser HD 800 have been crafted with a singular goal in mind – perfection. The ear accessories are said to be able to break down the barrier between audio recording and playback equipment connecting the listener to the artist’s original performance.

Granted, the headphones don’t come cheap and you can pair for $1,024 a pop.

Portable Mini DJ Mixers


For those who have always wanted to be a DJ, but never had the necessary money to invest in heavy equipment, the Mobile Mini DJ Mixer is just perfect. Now your friend can be the life of the party.

The mixer is compatible with every device that features a headphone jack be it a MP3 player or an Android phone or tablet. The mobile mixer offers a wide range of controls and comes in different color choices including Black, Red, Gold and Blue.

It can be yours for $95 a pop plus approximately $8 shipping (from Germany).

oSound Gesture Control Bluetooth Speaker


If your audiophile friend is a fan of minimalist house accessories, then the oSound Bluetooth speaker could be the ultimate gift. More specifically, the oSound is a wall mounted Bluetooth audio system shaped like a sunrise that would look amazing in any room.

What’s more oSound lets owners use gestures in order to complete actions like jump to next/previous song, play/pause and adjust the volume. Play music from your phone, tablet or stream it from the online music services you subscribe too.

The audio system can be acquired for $525, but if you want to get it in time for Christmas you better order now, since international deliveries take up to 2 weeks.

Sony NWE395 MP3 Player


With smartphones being so wide spread, most of us tend to keep our music libraries on our handsets. However, there are a few reasons why you might want to stick to a MP3 player instead. For example, “walkmans” can support your high-end headphones and will have dedicated music controls.

The Sony NWE395 MP3 player is a great gift choice if you’re on a budget. It comes with a battery that can support up to 35 hours of music listening without needing to pop the device in for a charge. The player also features FM radio, Apple iTunes integration and 16GB of storage – more than enough to house all your favorite albums. The Sony NWE95 MP3 is compatible with earbud style headphones only.

You can get the device today with 16% off from Amazon, meaning you’ll have to pay only $79.99 for the 16GB version.



So maybe your friend wants to be a guitarist? Why not give him a mock instrument he could practice on before going for the real deal? Then the Jamstick+ is what you will need. The smart guitar gizmo pairs each note to your Android phone (including Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, LG G4 or HTC One M9 and more), no tuning necessary.

Once the Jamstick+ is connected to your phone or table, you can play the guitar using a host of compatible apps which allow you do things like change the guitar sound from classic to electric. You can also learn the absolute basics of guitar playing via a series of intuitive lessons.

The Jamstick+ sells for $299 (save $10 with “HolidaySavings10” code) and comes available in different color options.

Jack Rabbit Headphones Splitter


Is your friend someone who loves sharing his/her favorite song with those around? Then why not buy him/her the adorable Jack Rabbit headphones splitter, which allows other parties to plug in into your phone’s music library?

The accessory costs only $12 and is oh! so adorable!

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses


With this 2 piece wine glass set, your friend can relax while creating beautiful music at the same time. All you need to do is fill your glass to the desired note, moisten your finger and start creating amazing sounds as you run it across the rim of the glass.

The musical wine glasses are sure to get the party going and you can purchase a pair for $65.

Running Vest with Speakers


Ok, so your friend might be an avid runner who doesn’t like the feel of earbuds or headphones while she/he runs. The Running Vest with speakers incorporated might be an alternative.

The high-tech running vest features a storage pouch that holds your smartphone or MP3 player, while the lightweight speakers positioned just below your ears stream your favorite tunes. Yes, some passersby might get annoyed, but then it’s a good thing the vest is designed for people who love to run. Acquire it for $59.99.

Chromecast Audio


Google’s neat Chromecast Audio lets you stream from the cloud to your speakers with your phone simply acting like a remote. Simply tap the Cast button from your apps on your phone/tablet to cast songs, radio stations and podcast to your speaker. Chromecast Audio sells for $25.

Pandrora Premium Subscription


Pandora has recently announced it will be offering an add-free, all-you-can-stream plan called Pandora Premium for $10 a month. The revitalized service will recommend tracks by understanding and anticipating users’ wants and needs.

While the $10/month Pandora Premium subscription is due to launch officially next year, you can still opt for the current Pandora Plus option for $4.99 this Christmas.

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