18 Android apps for credit cards and banking institutions

So you’re new to Android and looking to manage your finances a bit with that new phone. Did you know that your bank or credit card likely has an official app?  Yep – in most cases the apps are really convenient to have and provide more than basic account help.

Most of the following apps include location-based features to help find a local ATM, bank, or somewhere to make payments.  Some of them will let you explore and redeem rewards and membership perks and others allow for handling multiple accounts. And then there are banks that are so awesome that they have to release separate apps (Looking at you, AMEX).

We know there are a handful of others out there that we may have overlooked so do share in the comments.

  1. Discover Mobile
  2. Chase Mobile (See others)
  3. Bank of America (See others)
  4. Citi Mobile
  5. Capital One (See others)
  6. American Express (See others)
  7. J.P. Morgan (See others)
  8. Wells Fargo
  9. USAA Mobile
  10. MasterCard (See others)
  11. Western Union
  12. PNC Mobile (See others)
  13. HSBC
  14. SunTrust
  15. KeyBank
  16. Fifth Third
  17. Huntington
  18. U.S. Bank (See others)