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The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge are Samsung’s newest devices and they are definitely packed with power. They feature QHD displays with over 570 ppi, an amazingly powerful Exynos 7420 processor backed by 3 GB of LPDDR4 RAM, and a top of the line 16 megapixel camera. Not only are the insides of these devices revamped, but aesthetically, it’s completely a device.

With all that power and prowess, one of the first things that comes to Android users minds is whether to root their device or not. This article is here to give you 5 reasons NOT to root your Galaxy S6. I’ll be sure to follow this up with 5 reasons to root your Galaxy S6, but this is just here to give you both sides.

Disables OTA updates

One of the biggest reasons not to root devices is that it disables OTA updates. That means, once you root your device, whether it is from the Chainfire method or something else, your device will no longer receive incremental updates automatically. This is one of the main reasons not to root, so you’re going to want to think about this ramification.

If you aren’t going to flash a custom ROM on to the device, it is hard to come by the latest Samsung firmware. SamMobile does have a great repository, so all hope is not lost. If you do find the latest firmware for your device, you will have to flash over the top of the existing one, which leads to loss of data, so be sure to back-up if you plan to do so.

Rooting trips the KNOX counter

Tripping KNOX is another big factor on why to not root the Galaxy S6. KNOX is essentially a service employed by Samsung to give after-sale service a better idea if the device has been tampered with. There are also rumors that the counter can keep track of how many times the device has been flashed with different ROMs, although that is unconfirmed.

Samsung KNOX

Since KNOX is capable of detecting changes to the device, once root privileges are enabled, the KNOX counter will be tripped and there will be no way of reversing it (there are some exceptions). This means that if you ever have to warranty your device, they have right to refuse service if they feel that rooting and or flashing was the culprit of the issue.

Lose out on KNOX capabilities 

Samsung’s KNOX is a misunderstood service as it brings more to the device than just helping Samsung detect if you tampered with your device. If someone were to find your device or steal it, this said person cannot use it. Without your account, the thief will not be able to factory reset the device or flash a new ROM to it. With a $700+ device, I’d take all the help I could get.

Along with helping deter potential thieves, KNOX also protects your data and information by using technologies that are patented by the National Security Agency (NSA). I had to throw that one in there just for the heck of it. If you are curious about KNOX and its capabilities, here is the actual overview from Samsung.

Disables Samsung Pay

One of the newest features on the Galaxy S6 is Samsung Pay, which is Samsung’s direct competitor to Apple Pay. If you plan on using Samsung Pay, it was just reported by SamMobile that when users root their device, this feature will not work anymore and is disabled.

Galaxy S6 edge Samsung Pay

SamMobile states that “when you root your device, the integrity gets breached, which is necessary for important and sensitive features like mobile payments.” This has been seen on many other apps as well, such as banking apps, media apps such as TiVo, and other apps that have sensitive data.

This may sound like it’s not a big deal, but Samsung has completely revamped their fingerprint sensor to be used on mobile payments, similar to Apple Pay. Gone is the sliding fingerprint sensor, replaced by a touch-based sensor, which is much more accurate and much more convenient.

TouchWiz isn’t the same as years past

The Galaxy S6 is one of the, if not, the top performing device on the market right now. Samsung’s in-house processor blows the competitors away, and scored an insane score of 68,000 on the AnTuTu Benchmark. Couple the amazingly fast octa-core processor with a slimmed down version of TouchWiz and you have yourself a pretty fast device.

One of the strong reasons for rooting a Galaxy device in the past was to de-bloat TouchWiz and speed it up. It has always been knocked for being a performance hog, but the latest version is quite different. Samsung took the complaints about their UI to heart and have drastically improved TouchWiz. They have also made it easier than ever to disable pre-installed apps, but you still can’t completely uninstall them.

Since having the Galaxy S6 for nearly a month, I can say it is one of the best performing devices I’ve ever used… even with TouchWiz. It comes free of any stutters or lags that have been seen in the past, plus Samsung adopted much of Google’s Material Design.


All in all, the Galaxy S6 is not like any Samsung device we have seen in the past. Once you root your device, there is no turning back, so you better be in it for the long haul. Not only will it disable key features on your device, it will also void your warranty.

I advise that if you do decide to modify your device, READ UP on everything, especially if you are new to rooting and flashing. All it takes is one wrong move and your $700 flagship device is a great paperweight.


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  1. Did Sammy write this article for you? And please explain your sources.

    You can still get OTA updates when you root. I have rooted every S phone since Samsung started releasing them. I have never broken my ability to get OTA updates. Yes, it will overwrite your root when it updates but if you root w/o installing a custom ROM, I’ve never had a problem getting updates.

    Tmo doesn’t even check to Knox trips if you’re on the Jump plan. I’ve traded in 3 different phones and they only check to make sure the device is not CURRENTLY rooted or custom ROM’d. While the current root method may trip KNOX, that is not always true. There have been past roots on S devices where KNOX was never tripped or you could reset it. Again, where are you getting your facts?

    Even worse, you argue I shouldn’t root because I might loose access to Samsung Pay?! Really!? No one uses their bloatware. This is why they tried to make nice on the S6. It is still full of bloat but they at least stopped trying to force you to use their apps over competitors.

    And your touchwhiz rant doesn’t even rate a rebuttal.

    A rooted S device is an absolute joy to own. Stop trying to scare people with shoddy biased reporting, please.

  2. Moby,

    Do you know if At&T, Verizon or Sprint check Knox trips? Of course you don’t. Matt wrote this article for the vast majority of users, not users who know EVERYTHING like you do. So maybe he missed a few points about T-Mobile specifically, in special instances like yours, where those are far and few between. It’s is lovely to see people who sit back and judge others while failing to offer an actual opinion or facts, you just judge others. Silly trolls like you are useless.

    Why don’t you explain your sources too? No one uses samsung pay? Where is the source? Because I use Samsung pay and so do many others.

  3. Samsung fanboy you absolutely right. I just drop my s4 skipped s5 and notes bought the Samsung galaxy s6 and so happy. Phone is awesome. Big differense … I’m doing cellphone repair And soft to rooting and all that crap, and absolutely no feels that I want go root my phone…. for me no reason….photo editing really fast and cool. That post doesn’t mean and not forcing nobody to root or not, just facts, and that I knowhat if you will rot your phone and it will Got bricked (cause in my experience in the past idk how is now but bricked few note3 device) and I cannot unbrick.. trust me Samsung smart and they will know that you got bricked by trying to at with software.

  4. Everybody has their preference.

    Samsung Pay while it sounds nice…. less than 300,000 merchants are accepting this form of payment. And it may be years before it is widely used (
    Knox…. I rooted my Note 3 and didn’t trip Knox. Just a matter of time before someone comes up with a way on the S6.
    OTA – I can’t even remember the last time I actually utilized that. But I am part geek and flash my phones with a new rom whenever a new OTA comes out.
    Touchwiz – Never liked it. I use Apex Launcher Pro in Table UI mode. My preference, not everyones.

    And his comment about ‘once you root your phone there is no turning back,’ is completely false. You flash it back to stock as I did with my Note 3 before getting rid of it. Never tripped my Knox and it looks just like it did when I purchased it, except for the dings on the edges from dropping it!

    I hate the bloatware….and like being able to customize my phone a little more. I mean, isn’t that what Android was supposed to be all about? Your phone your way???

  5. Hilarious article.

    Ok now that I’m done laughing, while I do see that there may be reasons to not root…it really seems to me that if you’ve ever rooted for any of the reasons that one may root, that your points are…laughable.

    Samsung is really pushing their pay app so don’t root that phone or your a bad boy…you’ll break our app they say. Hilarious! The first thing I would do if I rooted is to remove that stupid app…and all the other garbage, useless, space hogging, ram hogging apps. Normally I’m well above 30+ apps removed when I’m done rooting and never once did I reload any of those apps since I’ve rooted the S2, S3, S4 & S5.

    You could just install another app that does what Samsung’s dumb app does. Yea maybe it will be somewhat different or maybe they have it locked down…but not to root so that you can turn your phone into a credit card is no decision at all.

    …and onto the OTA updates. Have you ever rooted before? You don’t lose your data if you back it up, reflash it back to original stock rom and update it…then reinstall your data. Easy peezy. Same steps as there always has been.

    Onto the ‘You can’t ever sell your phone cause you rooted’ myth. Yea I’ve always heard about this..myth…but I’ve never once heard someone that returned their phone back to stock rom get turned down because there was a ‘1’ in Knox ha.

    Even if this was true, how do you know that Triangle Away might get an update and reset that…or something else comes along and resets this to 0? There’s gonna be a long time inbetween someone getting this new phone and the next one they get and anything’s possible.

    I’m wondering if you took in some cheddar from Samsung to post this?

  6. If your smart enough and knowledgeable do as you will with your phones. I feel the risk is miniscule to those who know what their doing. If you don’t than learn or leave it be. I just never seen a point in I’m right no I am or I could do this. Do what you want it’s your phone! But I like my galaxy 6 just how it is minus some bloatware but the phones more than capable of it causing any issues for me. Good debate though. I’ll root if I need to for now I’ll watch n wait.

  7. Currently there is no method to root without tripping Knox on S6. If you don’t care for Knox or samsung pay like the article mentions, root away. But for me I find Knox very useful for work related purposes, and on S6 it doesn’t slow down as much as on S5.

  8. First, I want to say that all of these things may be true for the Galaxy S6 right now.

    Now then, I just wanted to say that I think the author of this post is confusing rooting a device with flashing a custom recovery/ROM. While right now you may need to flash a custom recovery to get root on the S6 (as is true with most phones when they first come out), for the vast majority of phones non-flashing (apk-based, Android exploits) methods have eventually been found.

    Non-flashing methods generally don’t trip Knox but they will still disable apps like Samsung Pay, TiVo, etc.

    Also, you can root your device and still use the stock ROM. You would still have TouchWiz and (probably) all of the apps. You would just also have root.

    Decent article if the subject was changed to ROM/recovery flashing, however!

  9. I really don’t understand the manufacturers and service providers sometimes aggressively negative attitude towards rooting and custom roms. If I buy a PC I most likely get Windows preinstalled, and when starting it for the first time I might get to create a non-admin account for everyday usage. But if I sometimes do things with admin powers, then that is up to me. And if want to uninstall some of the preinstalled applications, then that is also up to me. And if some preinstalled payment application no longer works if I have used my computer as an administator, then that application has a serious flaw.
    Also, if I want to, I can skip Windows altogether, and install Linux for example. I still can return the PC to the PC store or the manufacturer if the mainboard dies or something. They let me install what I want, and run it how I want. The mobile phone industry and mobile service providers should do the same thing. A smartphone is basically a handheld computer, and I should be able to use it that way.

  10. Knox has one real use, helping an enterprise Mobile Device Management solution secure the phone to the standards of the enterprise. If you aren’t using the device for work, or your company doesn’t use an MDM, it doesn’t matter. Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, these are all technologies that are disasters waiting to happen. There just aren’t adequate legal protections tied to those forms of payment yet, and there won’t be until there is a rash of fraud associated with them. Apple Pay has been shown to have serious vulnerabilities, mostly tied to the horrible security around Apple accounts, Google Wallet as well has vulnerabilities. Samsung Pay will have it’s own share once enough researchers look at it.
    These ‘features’ are not compelling reasons to avoid rooting your device. If you have the knowledge to do it and the desire, your reasons likely far outweigh any of the perceived drawbacks listed in this article.

  11. Well now there’s PingPong root which won’t trip Knox and get ya root. Did it yesterday, got rid of over half the the bloat. This phone just screams with increased speed now!

  12. PingPong Root stats it disables OTA, Samsung Pay. but for most people who root, they usually flash the update to the phone and not use OTA… i can’t recall myself using OTA update for my phones. well only owned S4 and S6 now. Temping to run PingPong Root soon, once I have done a stock ROM Dump with my S6

  13. It doesn’t matter if Knox is tripped, verizon doesn’t. I’ve returned rooted phones because of incidents of hardware failure,they don’t care as lo ng as you don’t burn the cpu by overclocking or something like that.
    My OTAS come by awesomely and I used ping pong. If I did want to take the OTA yes I’d lose root but I’ve read through the changelog and the OTA isn’t important to me.

  14. Irrelevant to most root fans because majority of them get new phones at the very minimum every 2 years. All reasons mentioned are irrelevant to me & to most root-ers.

    • yes sir. let’s see, since July, I’ve had a Nexus 6, A Samsung Note 5, and my S6 should be here tomorrow.

  15. 1) Who cares about OTA updates? It’s a pain in the ass waiting for Samsung to even mention variants such as the SM-G920I.

    2) Downgrade to the very first Galaxy S6 firmware available for your version and root with PingPong root. This does not trip KNOX warranty.

    3) KNOX capabilities SUCK & Does Not Do Anything Worth It

    4) Samsung Pay is one of those premature features still not widely recognized by stores to this day in most major Non-US/Europe countries that have access to this phone.

    5) TouchWiz is still filled with the latest crapware and is visible when 290-300+ pre-installed apps are seen in Uninstall Master (or any other root uninstaller) and 200+ of them can be deleted without major user interference.

    Conclusion: I recommend rooting your Galaxy S6 using PingPong root and ignore this article above.

    • Even I have root my s6 I do not agree with your (almost invalid) arguments:
      1) OTA updates are well tested updates running thousand of checks before get releases, that is why you wait
      2) knox keep your system safe from virus and other unwanted system file change, keep in mind that the underneath android is a unix based OS, and on a root device is very easy to inject/hide keyloggers or trojans
      3) mobile pay is the near very near future, it will spread very fast, every mobile technology spread fast today
      4) on s6 touchwiz does not affect at all the device performance
      5) you will never know what a odin and root firmware install inside your phone, virus keyloggers… this remind me some well know version of windowsXP that hackers spreads on torrent…

      so first ask why do I need to root my s6? the only reason I have done it, is to hack others phone

    • Lol, you clearly had no idea what Samsung Pay was when you wrote this. You shouldn’t be talking out of your ass recommending people lose a feature permanently if you don’t even understand it.

      In case you still don’t know as you’re likely rooted and haven’t gotten to use it. Samsung Pay is not an equivalent to Google pay or Apple pay. It doesn’t need NFC readers or any of that stuff. It is used where any normal credit card is used. It mimics a regular credit card swipe. As such, it is vastly superior to any other phone payment option, still it is debatable if it’s worth it when the wallet is right there, but regardless it is hands down the best mobile payment method by miles. I don’t use it much but it has kept me from rooting, the only reason root would be useful for me is adblock which would be really nice, I just can’t commit to forever losing a feature that is pretty neat. You can customize touchwiz so much now, it’s almost like using that customization xposed module(forgot the name.)

  16. The only capability Knox has is to get on my last nerve with the efffing “unauthorized actions” popup on my Galaxy S6 which I’ve only had for 4 hours now. There’s no way to disable Knox so the pop-up just keep popping up. I have never rooted my phones and even I know this article is bull.

  17. What complete bullshit. The unworthy author was paid to write this tripe. Just give up control, plebe users! And enjoy those ads.

    • They are legit reasons, just like there are legit reasons to root. Android has gotten much better and rooting hardly feels necessary, except for that one reason, as you pointed out, adblock!

  18. Unfortunately, the UI is still not as “Fast” or smooth as a dated Iphone 5 (non-s). UI problems have plagued Android’s for years.

    • Haha, likely story. Suggesting that android is anything like it was “years” ago is a sign that you haven’t been using it, or are just plain lying. Still android was then, and still is, far superior to ios. But no facetime, ooooh nooooo.

  19. 1. Who cares about OTA? I disabled OTA on my phone a long ago, because it was really annoying.
    2. Everybody hates Knox. Why do you think all the CustomROMs have Knox renoved as a feature?
    3. Samsung pay. *cough* US-only *cough* And imo, is useless. Everybody has a debit/credit card.
    4. Really? Disable apps. That has been around since Android 4.0… I think.
    The useless apps still occupy the memory!!!
    5. And warranty for what?! When you crack your screen, the warranty is void. (it happened to me with a HTC Desire 500, and after some time, HTC come with this “we replace screens for phones not older than one year”, my phone was 1 year and a week old!!!) But i dunno about Samsung… Maybe they replace the glass anyway. Is not like you can drive a car over a S6 and almost nothing happens, except some small cracks…
    And if you have root, and if your phone’s software breaks, you could fix it by yourself.

    In my opinion, you all should root your phone. Srsly. You can unroot after that whenever you want. I mean, whenever you send it to a service, so they would not know it was ever rooted, so you still have the warranty. One of my friends did that and nobody suspected a thing. ;)
    And also you could install a phone tracking software that seeds into the system, so the guy who stole your phone is unable to uninstall the app, so you will find the lost phone in no time.

    • Ota is not annoying, happens every couple months at most, how could something so rare be annoying, lol.

      Nobody cares about knox, of course, but what happens when knox gets tripped is something people care about.

      Samsung pay is by far the best mobile payment system, yeah everyone has a credit/debit card, good thing too, as Samsung pay wouldn’t be usable if you didn’t have one.

      Warranty is for those rare occurrences when the phone gets bricked or some other annoying issue that happens to people all the time on all phones. Did you really ever think warranty’s were for cracked screens? Do you know what a warranty is? For cracked screens, you need INSURANCE. Never has a cracked screen been covered under warranty. Two, different, things!

      What your friend did, was sent the phone to the carrier for warranty, not Samsung. If he had sent the phone to Samsung with a tripped knox counter, they’d have sent it right back. The carrier loophole is nice for people that do root and botch the job. Insurance is also good for this.

      IMO people should root, unless they have a Samsung Pay capable phone and don’t want to lose the feature. If they have any other android, the only reason you shouldn’t is if you really need one of those few apps that won’t work rooted, like this article suggests, “Tivo” apparently for some strange reason, who’d have thought. For everybody it’s a pros and cons scenario, for many rooting is better, for some its not.

      This article doesn’t lie anywhere and is just giving some reasons to weigh in that decision.

  20. Just did (right after almost bricking it) … Got TWRP recovery flashed as well and did it all using Arch Linux!

  21. I haven’t try it yet.. i don’t have iphone6 yet. By the way if you’re searching for a good root. Better use android root.

  22. I do like the fact that no one could complain about TouchWiz this time around, not even me. Yes the bloat is still there eating up internal memory, and without expandable SD slots I’d prefer it not there, but at the very least the performance of this device is epic. TouchWiz is ultra smooth. Normally after a day or two I would’ve rooted and flashed custom rooms by now, but I’m rather enjoying this version lol
    If I root, it’s literally only to recover lost storage space

  23. There is a very real reason to root and that is in fact to optimize the percentage of usable rom space. Solid state storage (such as on all modern smartphones) performs noticeably worse the closer it is to being at full capacity. Look at it this way: If you paid $700 for a 32GB device and several GBs of that is being magically wasted by apps that were forced on you by the carrier AND also degrading device performance, wouldn’t you feel the duty to liberate your device?

  24. Please do not waste your time considering this article. In my opinion this seems rewashed by Samsung and all the other cellphone carriers who want you to have 200+ worthless apps on your phone. Quick question. If you were to pay cash upfront for your phone, would you feel it reasonable to allow other companies to own 2/3rds of your phones space? Easy answer. You all want some real useful advice. Yes root your phone but make sure you read up on your current model, baseband version and running android version. Currently I have a Samsung SMG920T tmobile running on android 5.1.1 and rooted it by going to either xda forums, which if you haven’t already been there, now is the time..they can teach you everything you need to know on how to make your phone extremely fast and secure. * About KNOX Warranty* Good luck is all I have to say…still will end up paying no matter what. Thats what they want. **About Touchwiz. I agree touchwiz is cleaner now. Yet if you truly want your android and touchwiz operating and lightning fast speeds, literally, then you need to not only ROOT your device and install a custom recovery like TWRP, but you need to get a custom ROM. I’m no devoloper, but through experience, I’d recommend getting Xtrestolite Deodoxed Mod. Still has touchwiz and is 1.5gb ram less than STOCK. My phone shocks people with how fast it is. I can’t tap fast enough! Just my two cents for anyone who reads this!

    • The article is not unfair and is just giving some reasons to weigh in the decision to root or not. People should definitely think about most of these reasons before they do, especially if they’re on a Samsung with potential to lose a feature permanently ie Samsung Pay. You can disable apps and remove any downloaded updates to them, the space the bloat takes up is negligible then.

      IMO custom roms are way over rated. I hate having a device that is unreliable and literally needs a reboot every couple days just so it works like it’s supposed to, yeah not always like this, but more often then not there are some major issues, major features not supported, etc. The best rooted experience I’ve had was just staying stock and using xposed modules for customization. Still stock touchwiz has implimented some major customization features and you can make it look like yours, without the negatives.

      Only thing that there is no way to argue against, adblock, man I miss adblock.

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