5 things that would make the next Nexus a huge success

We’re currently in the second half of 2016, and during this time of the year we typically begin to see Nexus rumours pick up speed. This year is no different as compared the past ones, and while we haven’t seen solid evidence of what the new Nexus may look like, we have seen trickles of information slip in.

google-nexus-2016-fingerprint-sensor-gesture (1)

We have mixed opinions on what we’ve seen, but overall the direction Nexus is moving in appears to be relatively promising. The Nexus devices are the epitome of Android and have been an important aspect of the Android ecosystem ever since their release.

But perhaps the Nexus devices aren’t quite what they used to be. They don’t particularly stand out as much as they used to nor do they seem the absolute go-to anymore. Here’s our list of things that would make the Nexus great again.

Affordable Price

The Nexus were relatively affordable until the 6″ Nexus 6 arrived on the scene. It was not a big issue: most people were not moved much by the substantial price increase. But once you increase the price, you inevitably begin looking at other options in that price range.


Those who were affected by the price increase also had little choice if they wanted to get their hands on the new model. Making it affordable would result in a better market penetration, putting the Nexus in a better standing.

New, unique features

Phones of today typically come with the same features on offer. Be it a fingerprint scanner, OIS camera or 4K; it’s hard to come across something unique. The Note7 is a good example of this as it has a retina scanner, the only phone currently which has something that no other phone has.


But we aren’t necessarily expecting something as drastic as a retinal scanner. Maybe a new software tweak that allows the fingerprint scanner to be used as tool for controlling your phone, or something that we’ve never thought of previously.

Carrier support and availability

Right now, you cannot walk into a store and buy the Nexus on a contract, while subsidizing the price. You cannot play around with it and get to feel it before you decide whether you’d like to get one or not. You have to fork out the full price with a one off payment. This is terrible and has been one of the weakest spots of the Nexus.


Some carriers do not even support the Nexus, so in some cases you’re forced to not buy a Nexus. Expanding on this, the Nexus should also be universally unlocked. I simply can’t think why, after all these years, carrier availability for the Nexus is so poor.

Unrivalled Camera

The Nexus 6P really stepped up its camera game against the competitors, but compared to other phones it’s still relatively further down on the list. The 2016/2017 Nexus has a chance to pick up its game even further.

5x-cameraWe’d like to see a dual-camera setup on the next iteration. Not only that, but maybe a wide angle lens to the extent of what we saw on the LG G5 packed to the brim with features like OIS, manual camera adjustments, low light capabilities and super-high resolution pictures.

Google could easily attempt to make the camera the best ever, but we should take into consideration that we’ve already asked for a lower price and it’s unlikely we’ll receive the best of both worlds.

Bigger battery

At the time of writing this, the media has been abuzz with news of new batteries that hold virtually twice the amount of amperage and thus allow us to double the time we get out of one charge. While it’s highly unlikely we’ll see this technology in the new Nexus, we would still like a bigger battery, particularly over a thinner phone.

nexus 5 battery

The Nexus 6P gave us a respectable battery life, but there’s no limit on how big we want the batteries, other than the limit on how fat the phone can be. I do think that battery life is one of the major areas that have been neglected in the industry ever since the first cellphones.

And that, is what we would like to see in the next Nexus. What are you looking forward to and hoping to see?

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  1. #1 network support, but from what I’ve read, the 5x and 6p do work on all major US networks.
    #2 price, my max is $400. I wouldn’t want to pay much extra for a better camera.
    #3 battery life, willing to sacrifice some thin-ness and weight for a full day

  2. I know Nexus phone’s don’t have this nor will they, but a replaceable battery would make the phone immediately stand out from the competition and I firmly believe would be a HUGE selling point.

  3. Expandable memory, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have this feature although no nexus ever has had it.

  4. I wouldn’t mind a premium priced phone as long as it’s worth the price tag. I am one of the few that liked the Nexus 6 with the huge display and wireless charging and whatnot. But last time I checked Nexus devices were compatible with at least the big 4 carriers. If you are trying to use them on an Mvno then it’s up to the specific company to allow your own device. And I’ve purchased all my Nexus phones at a local Best Buy. There you can hold the phone in your hand before you buy it, and depending on your area, there are financing options as well.

  5. An improved project Fi that optimizes service by using multiple networks or choosing the fastest would be a game changer, and would horrify Verizon and AT&T

  6. A few things for me.
    Dual sim should be a standard.
    Bumping the storage capacity. 128Gb basic and 1Tb for pro devices.
    Android being multi device aware. My TV, phone, tablet, watch and car stereo should all act like they are one device. The amount of noises that go off is ridiculous in our office when everyone gets the same email.

  7. Also, a magnetic charging dock for home and car. Don’t care if it’s inductive, I’d rather have surface contacts for faster charging.

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