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The number of phones and computers featuring USB type-C ports is exploding. In 2016 we’ve seen two major flagships come out in just the first few months! If you have one of the over 80 devices that feature USB type-C take a look at some of the coolest looking accessories out there.


In a previous post, I declared this USB Type-C dock my favorite Nexus accessory, but here are some more contenders for the crown.


Yoozon 1 meter USB type-C to USB type-A cable – $6.49

Yoozon USB type C to A cable

If you’re looking for a cable that meets safe specifications without breaking the bank, take a look at Yoozon’s 1-meter cable. This USB type-C to USB type-A cable will work with your legacy power bricks so you don’t need the added expense of replacing both your cable and your wall adapter.

This cable conforms to USB type-C specifications and will charge at up to 2.4A, and do it safely. The rubber shielding is very standard and should do the job unless you put it in an extreme situation. If you’re interested in the Yoozon 1-meter cable, you can pick one up on Amazon for $6.49 with free Prime shipping.

iHuber 2-in-1 USB type-C cable – $12.99

iHuber usb type c plus adapter

iHuber has a really versatile product here. Not only do you get a USB type-C to USB type-A cable (1 meter), but you also get a USB type-A to C adapter so you can plug this cable into any wall or car adapter you’re around. This will work with legacy adapters and new USB type-C adapters alike. The cable should last for as long as you want to use it. It has a nylon braided lining around the cable and metal housing around the ends.

If you’d like to pick up an iHuber 2-in-1 USB type-C cable, you can grab one on Amazon with free Prime shipping.

Car Charger

Tronsmart Dual USB Charger with Quick Charge

tronsmart usb type c car charger

Tronsmart has put out a car charger that will fit the needs of just about anyone with a USB type-C device. This charger will charge a few devices with its single USB type-C port and the additional regular USB port. If you’re charging a second device with micro USB or your friend’s iPhone, you can plug a cable in and share the love (and by love, I mean power).

Not only that, but this charger has Quick Charge to make sure your devices are juicing up as fast as possible. The type-C port charges at 5V/3A and the USB type-A port charges at 3.6-6.5V/3A, 6.5-9V/2A, and 9-12V/1.5A which qualifies for Quick Charge 3.0. The USB type-C cable is fixed onto the device so you won’t need to supply your own, but you will need your own cable for the second USB type-A port.

You can pick up this Tronsmart Dual USB Car Charger on Amazon with free Prime shipping, eBay, Geek Buying, and AliExpress.


TechMatte micro USB to USB type-C adapter

techmatte micro usb to usb type c

If you have a bunch micro USB cables laying around, this is going to be a great addition to your life. I personally bought this two-pack when I first got my Nexus 6P and they’ve served me well ever since. Just pop one of these on the end of your micro USB cable and plug it right into your USB type-C device. Couldn’t be any easier. I always keep one in my bag in case I need to charge up while I’m out and can’t find a USB type-C cable. They’ve saved me more than once.

Take my advice and pick up these TechMatte micro USB to USB type-C adapters from Amazon or eBay.

iXCC USB type-C to USB type-A Adapter

ixcc type c to type a adapter

One of the bigger things I think my Nexus 6P is missing is expandable storage. Those with computers like Macbooks are in the same boat since its not upgradable and we don’t have a regular USB port to plug in a flash drive when we want to watch a movie we may have saved on one. Well, this adapter will allow you to do that. This USB type-C to USB type-A adapter is perfect if you want to load up a flash drive before a long flight or drive with music and movies you’d not normally be able to store on your device. Plug them in and you’re in media paradise.

Head over to Amazon and pick one of these up before you’re stuck in the car on the way to Florida with only FM radio to keep you entertained.

Flash Drive

Sony USB type-C/USB type-A dual connector Flash Drive

sony usb type c flash drive



If you’d rather skip the adapter and just buy a USB type-C flash drive, here you go. Sony’s offerings range from 16 to 64 GB (better value as you increase the storage) and plug directly into your USB type-C devices. Not only does it connect to USB type-C devices, it has a USB type-A connector on the other end so you can easily plug it into your computer, throw some files on it and plug it into your phone to transfer them over. Makes files backups super easy.

Amazon has these flash drives for ranging from $12 for 16 GB, $16 for 32 GB, or $22 for 64 GB all with free Prime shipping. You can also grab these over at B&H Photo and if you spend over $49 total you get free expedited shipping. Sony also sells them on its own website but they’re way more expensive and we have no idea about shipping.

Wall Chargers

Anker USB type-C Wall Charger

anker usb type c wall charger

You probably recognized the name Anker when you just read it, and that’s because it has a good reputation for making pretty good products. This wall charger is no different. It has one USB type-C port and uses it to charge up your device with Quick Charge 3.0 speeds. Doesn’t get any faster than that right now. Not only do you get the wall adapter but Anker is throwing in a 3.3-foot long USB type-C to USB type-C cable so you don’t have to supply your own. There’s also an 18-month warranty in case anything breaks.

You can grab this on Amazon with free Prime shipping or on Anker’s website. It costs the same on both sites so take your pick!

Anker 5-Port Wall Charger

anker powerport+

We’re going to stick with Anker for our next entry because this is an awesome product. The wall charger is a little different as it has a cable running from the wall to a dock of sorts. The dock then has one USB type-C port and four USB type-A ports to charge ALL of your devices. This is wonderful for your desk or bedside table where you can charge up your phone, your tablet, your kindle, your kid’s iPad, and your Bluetooth earbuds. I’m going to be taking this one on vacation with me so I can keep everyone charged up.

Grab this Anker Wall Charger before you head out on your summer vacation. You can order it from Amazon with free Prime shipping, Anker’s website, or eBay.


Orico USB type-C 10000 mAh Battery

orico 10000 mah battery

Orico isn’t a well-known company but this battery looks excellent. It comes with a 10000 mAh capacity which, in theory, is enough to charge up your Nexus 6P about three times (due to heat loss, we’re going to guess it’ll get you two solid charges). Also, look how slim that thing is! Other batteries are bulky due to added features you won’t find here, but if you’re just looking for something slim and sexy to power up your devices, check this one out.

You can grab the Orico USB type-C 10000 mAh battery on Amazon with free Prime shipping or eBay with free expedited shipping.

Anker PowerCore+ 20100 mAh Battery

anker powercore+ battery

Holy heck that’s a big battery. 20100 mAh is theoretically enough to charge up your Nexus 6P six times. That’s a ton. I have a similar large capacity battery and I love knowing that it’s in my bag with a full charge whenever I need it. Life on the N beta can be a bit unstable in terms of battery life so I need to be prepared if something decides it wants to kill my battery that day. You can charge up three devices at the same time with the PowerCore+ battery due to its one USB type-C port and two USB type-A ports and it comes with an 18-month warranty.

Pick one of these batteries up on either Amazon or eBay.


Archeer USB type-C Dock

archeer type c dock

Looking somewhere to put your phone at work where notifications will be easily seen? A dock might be just what you need. The Archeer dock features an adjustable connector that will charge your phone at 5V/2A with any micro USB cable. Sadly, no fast charging but if you’re using this for an extended period of time at work or on your bedside table, you probably won’t need fast charging anyway. Archeer offers a 40-day money back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the purchase and an 18-month warranty in case it breaks.

You can pick up the Archeer USB type-C dock at Amazon or at Archeer’s website.

NXET USB type-C dock


This NXET dock was featured in the first installment of our accessory guide for the Nexus 6P and it comes back today because it still stands as the only dock we can find that is safe for your phone according to Benson Leung who gave it his seal of approval. This dock has the ability to support both charging and syncing, has a swiveled head, and you can use a case on your phone while attached to this dock.

You can pick up the NXET USB type-C dock on Amazon and eBay.

There’s our list! Did we miss anything? Let us know down in the comment sections if we didn’t list your favorite UBS type-C accessory!

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    Always hoping to see something new that you can only do with USB-C, but coming up empty again. Where is the new I/O devices, high speed storage, convergence that only USB-C can give us?

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