APPTEASERS: 15 Android apps and games you should know about (March 28)

APPTEASERS is a collection of apps and games that are new to Android, recently updated, discounted, etc. Whatever the case, we think they’re worth exploring and are willing to bet that many of you would enjoy a few of them.

We understand that we won’t get every single app that crosses our path but we hope to filter things a bit and pass them along to you, dear reader. What you’ll find below is a quick plug for apps and games, often using the developer’s own words to describe the title.

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Duck Retro Hunt

Duck Retro Hunt has a same fun and easy gameplay: see a duck, point and shoot. Augmented Reality permits you to play using the real world as your scenery with the virtual content seamlessly blended with it. On the other hand, gyroscopes will provide the most natural and precise form of interaction. Finally, if you prefer the classical way, touch controls will suit your game playing style. FREE


Weather Travel Fashion (WTF)

Get a personal weather stylist on your Android device with Weather Travel Fashion (WTF) by Siveron. Based on local weather conditions, WTF presents chic and stylish outfit suggestions from outerwear to shoes. The travel section includes a 3-day forecast and a “must-haves” packing list with weather appropriate items. WTF is ideal for style seeking men and women, frequent travelers, and anybody who has a hard time figuring out what to wear every morning. FREE


Jobs Search – Jobs – Careers

The first resume wizard for Android is here, brought to you by Proven, the job-search app that makes it easy to search and apply for jobs quickly while on the go. And now, with the resume wizard, users can build resumes from scratch directly within the app and submit them to job postings on and FREE


Fynch for Twitter

Fynch enhances your Twitter experience by automatically analyzing your timeline for interesting patterns of activity. It is intended to be a tool that decomposes your timeline into smaller sets of tweets that are easier to consume. Fynch is great for identifying extremely high rates of activity, trending topic mentions, and the tweets of less active users in your following list. FREE


ROM Toolbox Pro

ROM Toolbox combines all the great root apps into one monster app with a beautiful and easy to use interface. ROM Toolbox has every tool you need to make your Android device fast and customized to your liking. Save 85% by getting ROM Toolbox instead of spending $30 or more on other apps. This app requires root permission. $4.99


Demolition Master

This is the original mix of colorful puzzle game with elements of arcade that has gained hearts of more than 4 million people all over the world on the iOS! The main task of the game is to blow up the unwanted buildings with minimal number of tries. Dramatic explosions, curious locations worldwide together with charming music, adrenaline, and hunger for victory are among the feeling that the Demolition Master will create for you. FREE


Notifier Widget for Facebook

Widget that notifies and displays your unread Facebook notifications. In addition to comments, photos or events (among other types of notification), also get messages, friend requests and birthday reminders. With a full set of filters, you will get only the notifications you care about. FREE


Privacy Star Text & Call Block

Unlimited reverse number lookups, call & text blocking, spam, telemarketing, & debt collector reporting- all in one easy to use app! PrivacyStar allows you to reverse lookup unlimited unknown phone numbers directly from your smartphone! Lookup unknown business, 1-800, residential, or cell phone numbers and, if available, PrivacyStar will return the name and location of the caller.  You can also block any number from calling or texting your phone with PrivacyStar’s unlimited call & text blocking feature! Includes 7-day trial. FREE


Plumber Land

Plumber Land is a free addictive puzzle game. Your goal is to turn the different colored pipes in the right direction and connect them together to form a complete pipeline. When you create a pipe, one of your lovely dragons will finally be able to drink. Plumber Land features a totally new game play, lovely dragons and hundreds of entertaining levels. FREE


Get the Nut

Squirrely has lost his lifetime collection of acorns in an unfortunate geyser accident and now he needs your help! Roll the animals around and get Squirrely to the Acorn, but beware! Not all animals are fluffy as they appear to be. Start from your home forest, and continue through the harsh weather of the snow, the scary swamp and the vast wild west! FREE


Shift It

A contemplative and thoughtful shape shifting puzzle game with the perfect combination of eye-candy visuals and serene sounds. Radiant multicolored tiles rests on an infinite loop; aim of the game is to group same colored blocks together by simply dragging your finger across the screen. FREE


Farm Up

Farming simulator set in the 1930s – the time of crisis in the agricultural state of Cloverland. The game is now available for free download on the Amazon Appstore. It tells a story of a young woman achieving success in farming and becoming popular. The game starts when Jennifer, the main protagonist, makes a decision to buy a farm. Times are difficult, but she is ready to work meticulously hard to achieve success. Players’ mission is to cleverly manage their skills to build the best agriculture business in the country. FREE (Amazon)



Old plain note-taking is boring, try multimedia note-taking! NoteLedge is a versatile note-taking application that simultaneously supports handwriting, typing, sketching, inserting photos, audio and video recording. It is an ideal tool for you to record your life by keeping a diary, jotting down ideas, taking notes, composing travel journals, scheduling weekly plans…and anything you could think of. FREE


Strategy & Tactics: WWII

Relive the greatest battles of WWII in this grand strategy masterpiece. Take command of the Axis to conquer Europe – then command the armies of the USSR and Allies to retake it. In Strategy & Tactics: World War II, you battle impressive AI enemies in three campaigns with a classic turn-based battle system and serried ranks of historically-accurate troops. Fight your way through eighteen missions with an exсiting storyline and charismatic characters across Europe, Asia and Africa, research new technologies to improve your troops and build industry, and lead your armies to victory. $4.99


My Log Home iLWP

Enjoy the amazing and soothing atmosphere of My Log Home 3D interactive live wallpaper of log cabin situated in wild nature with the view of the mountains. It’s made with an exceptionally high standard, while paying close attention to detail as well as being one of the most realistic HD graphics on the market. Also, its full of interactive features like the gyroscope, automatic weather, 360° seamless view and much more. You can even warm up by the cozy fireplace, watch the beautiful sunset from the window, switch on the TV console or just relax and paint in front of the easel. $2.49 (Sample one for free)