APPTEASERS: 15 Android apps and games you should know about this week (April 5)

    APPTEASERS is a collection of apps and games that are new to Android, recently updated, discounted, etc. Whatever the case, we think they’re worth exploring and are willing to bet that many of you would enjoy a few of them.

    We understand that we won’t get every single app that crosses our path but we hope to filter things a bit and pass them along to you, dear reader. What you’ll find below is a quick plug for apps and games, often using the developer’s own words to describe the title.

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    Note Anytime (Beta)

    With cross-platform support on all mobile devices, Note Anytime allows you to take a note or sketch around anything, anywhere, anytime. You can combine handwritten or typed notes with photos and graphics on various paper styles, add sketches and drawings, scale your paper up to a whiteboard or down to a sticky note, and then share it to social networks. FREE


    SO.HO [SOHO Social Launcher]

    As SO.HO is a launcher not an app, you get a full screen social experience right after you unlock, so it’s even easier for you to check out what’s happening on all your social networks without diving in and out of apps. Tweet, Like and post all from one place and move between Facebook and Twitter at a tap. FREE


    Graphing Calculator by Mathlab

    Essential tool for school and college. Replaces bulky and expensive handheld graphing calculators.
    Multiple functions on a graph, polar graphs, graphing of implicit functions, values and slopes, roots, extremes, intersections. Algebra: polynomials, polynomial equation solving, matrices, fractions, derivatives, complex numbers and more. Shows results as you type. Use menu to switch between modes. FREE


    Spring Bonus Lite

    Spring is in the air! Journey through the Spring countryside with your cute animal friends. Help the Easter Bunny light the magic rainbow by melting away the cold grip of Winter. Featuring fluffy chicks, frolicking lambs and bouncy rabbits, this adorable Match-3 puzzle game is bursting with bonuses and fun for all the family. FREE


    AnTek Quick Settings

    Bring precious Quick Setting feature of Android Jelly Bean 4.2 to Android 2.1+ (of cause no need to root your device). If you are awaiting for upgrading to latest Android OS, this app is for you to enjoy such cool feature – just pull down the quick setting panel and do most of your favorite actions. Indeed, this app supports to customize more then Jelly Bean one in which includes 75+ built-in actions (ex. essential settings, direct call or text or email, launch apps or shortcuts, etc,.), changes theme (ex. background, icon set, action size…) FREE


    Spawn Wars 2

    Embark on the journey to the largest human cell with your army of the smallest human cells. Only 1 out of 300 million ever reach the end so the competition will be fierce! Solve through the levels by using various strategies of attack, defense, and support. Travel the universe and overcome diverse environments to reach your final destination! FREE


    Tap a Fish Live Wallpaper

    Do you get fascinated by the themes of fabulous fish aquariums, spectacular sea creatures, enchanting aquatic environments and more, when it comes to decorating your Android screen? If yes, then the live wallpaper edition of our Tap a Fish Android game is sure to sway away your senses. Just install the live wallpaper and experience your device’s screen getting transformed from insipid to interesting in a spur of moment. FREE


    Mute by Location

    You can describe this app with only one sentence: Silence where you need it. This app allows you to set the volume of your ringtone/vibration alarm based on locations you set on the map. Tired of embarrassing calls from your girlfriend during a business meeting? Annoyed from muting you phone everytime you go to the cinema? Not anymore! FREE


    London Live Wallpaper

    Great live wallpaper with a view of Big Ben on your phone will always please you. No need to go to England to see Big Ben. Put this live wallpaper on the screen and enjoy. FREE


    Tekken Card Tournament

    TEKKEN goes cross-platform free-to-play for the first time ever with TEKKEN CARD TOURNAMENT for smartphones, tablets and browsers. Now players can take TEKKEN with them everywhere and launch into seamless cross-platform card battles with skill-matched players from around the world. FREE



    The Wallaby app helps you maximize your credit card rewards and saves you money when shopping. We help you answer the question “Which credit card should I choose?” It is the smart, free way to maximize cash back, miles, points or shopping discounts on your reward credit cards by helping you make the right choice every time to get bonus rewards.Wallaby is totally free and completely secure (no need for credit card numbers!). You just relax knowing that you are getting the most from every purchase. FREE


    Desert 51

    Held down in the tons of steel and concrete, alien and unpredictable force was waiting for it’s time, waiting for the moment when the person putting over his experiments on it will be mistaken.And his mistake was inevitable, because an experiment over something alien and unpredictable – is already a mistake. FREE



    Search, Try & Install sums it all. The best way to search for new apps, in addition to that the best way to try the app before installing it. Lastly if an app passes through all of your likes then you can go ahead and install it. Make the Android market more try friendly. Avoid confusing reviews, screenshots and videos. Cut the judgement process short and just try the app. FREE


    Aces Gin Rummy

    Get ready for a card game that makes all other forms of entertainment look like deadwood: Aces® Gin Rummy! The cards are dealt. You pass on the up-card and draw from the stock. Two melds already and you’ve only drawn once! Sort the high cards down and discard that king. Not much deadwood, but if you knock now, you might get undercut. It’s risky either way, but you hang in there, hoping for a spade or a seven. FREE


    Throwing Knife

    Throwing Knife is a knife throwing simulator for mobile devices. Players can choose from one of four targets. In addition, you can adjust the direction and speed of moving targets. When you aim pay attention to the direction and speed of the target. It is necessary to aim with anticipation. FREE


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