APPTEASERS: 15 Android games and apps worth exploring (Feb 21)

We get a lot of requests from developer seeking a review or some form of publicity for their game or app. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate even a fraction of the emails, tweets, or messages that come across our desk. The result is that readers and followers miss out on discovering new and wonderful titles.  To help alleviate the problem we have created an ongoing series of posts called APPTEASERS.

APPTEASERS is a collection of apps and games that are new to Android, recently updated, discounted, etc. Whatever the case, we think they’re worth exploring and are willing to bet that many of you would enjoy a few of them. We understand that we won’t get every single app that crosses our path but we hope to filter things a bit and pass them along to you, dear reader. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Google+ as we showcase a different app each day.



The news discovery app that quietly learns your interests as you read. newscover automatically personalizes and filters the news content and sources you are most likely to read. The reading experience adapts to the moment of use. newscover allows you choose how to access its over 1000 sources, the most popular or the most recent. All articles are organized by categories: news, technology, business, sports and style. FREE


Shape Buster

A puzzle game, perfect for unwinding and relaxing. If you are a fan of Tetris you will love this! Can you match enough Shapes to save Sam? A puzzle game that is addictive and fun. Match the shapes. Collect the power-ups and have fun. ($2.01)


Wondershare PowerCam

PowerCam is a powerful yet easy-to-use camera app. All the tools that you need to capture and share fantastic photos can be easily found right here in this elegant and easy-to-master Android app. Features include 8 Capture modes (Panorama, Tilt-Shift, Color Splash, etc), 36 lively real-time effects, collage options, and post-image editing. FREE


Super Bunnies Show

These funny bunnies are tired of doing tricks for their tough magician just to obtain a measly handful of pellets. Bunnies love fresh veggies and dream of escaping to the countryside. Luckily, now they can count on you to help them run away from the magician’s top hat. During tonight’s show, you will have to use all your talent to save as many bunnies as possible using the classic handkerchief trick and different types of trick cards that will distract the magician for a short time. But be careful, the magician will get angrier as more bunnies escape and things will get harder and harder. ($.99)


Hotel Tonight

Check out HotelTonight and book amazing same-day hotel rooms for up to 70% off! Each day at noon local time, HotelTonight offers last-minute hotel rooms at great values in over 80 destinations across the globe. Hotel rooms can be easily booked via the app in less than 10 seconds — just three taps and a swipe from app launch to completed booking. All hotels are personally vetted by HotelTonight staff, given a style category (like Basic, Hip or Luxe) and illustrated by mobile-optimized hotel photos. FREE


Moment Me is an app that collects all the pics, tweets and videos created at any given event and displays them in a panoramic, multi-POV (point of view) layout for you – and it works in real time! It’s never been easier to view shared experiences through the eyes of your family, friends and others in the crowd. Forget the hassle of trying to track down and organize all the social content you and your friends created at a shared event; does all the hard work for you. Simply post pics, tweets and videos as you normally would on your favorite social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+), and takes care of the rest! FREE



Briquid is a brand new puzzle game that features physics action with water and bricks. Using swipe motions on the touch screen to build bricks and the tilt functionality, along with gravity, to move water, players are tasked with transporting water from one part of the screen to another using only a certain amount of moves each time. While this may sound easy, each level becomes increasingly more difficult, leaving even puzzle game gurus scratching their heads. FREE


Refresh Me

RefreshMe is one of those Android apps that makes you wonder why they didn’t include it with the cell phone as standard issue in the first place. Very simply, the app gives you a rundown of previous discussions with your incoming contact so that you don’t act like a blithering fool or have to hunt around for your notes from the last time you spoke or exchanged texts. Not only will it show you the last time you connected with your caller but it will also remind you of the items you discussed. FREE



Sporos is a simple yet challenging puzzle game. The objective is to light up the cells in each level with a special seed known as the sporos. Players drag pieces onto the board one at a time, arranging them to extend all the way down every row and column. Sporos demands a mix of skill, luck, and logic; in order to succeed, players will conduct clever experiments like scientists in a lab. The soothing electronic music helps you keep your cool, while the colorful graphics lend the game a spacey, biological vibe. FREE


Zombies & Trains

Face hordes of zombies in an epic showdown in the arena! Your weapon? TRAINS! Blast through waves of zombies with your powerful iron engines, wreaking havoc with power-ups like Fire Train and Mass Death! How many kills can you rack up? ($.99)



Completely re-designed interface with an emphasis on fantasy sports, to give you the ultimate mobile sports experience. Enriched content: Over 15,000 players, 600 teams and 19 leagues and associations represented, with more leagues to be added in future releases. My Score: A rich personalized view to help you track scores and your favorite teams and players in real-time. Create a customized scoreboard to track any team or player from any league. FREE


Juggernaut Revenge of Sovering

An entirely new breed of RPG has risen from the smoldering ashes of Haradan. You, as one of 6 legendary warriors known as “Scorpions”, are entrusted to defeat the terrifying Sovering and save the land. Venture into a surreal 3D world to slay over 100 horrifying beasts and complete perilous quests on your way to an epic final battle against the formidable demon! After eons of ceaseless bloodshed, the time to destroy civilization’s greatest adversary has come. Can you take on the legion and fight your way to freedom? FREE


Keeper Password & Data Vault

Keeper Password & Data Vault is a secure, simple way to store and manage your passwords and private information – anywhere, anytime. With Keeper’s military-grade encryption, you can trust that no one else will have access to your most important information. Secures and safeguards your passwords and other private information. Our password generator lets you create different passwords for different sites. FREE


Ball of Woe

It’s bizarre! It’s dark! It’s colorful! It’s cute! It makes you want to brush your teeth! It’s…. Ball of Woe! You – are God. A dusty God. A sepia God. A grittier kind of God. The citizens of Nicetown are sad. And cute. And whiny. But they’ve taken uncharacteristic initiative and rolled their sadness up into a ball. Oh God – oh You – employ your salty finger, employ the magic of physics – and liberate them from their tribulations. Over a lush soundtrack, over deliciously-painted landscapes, roll the ball away from Nicetown, interrogate the Woeful, liberate the Zus, engage in a little light mail tampering… and roll. FREE


Sulia Quick Launch

Sulia is a subject-based social network that connects you to the top social sources on subjects you care about. Now Sulia can become an integral part of your lock screen, keeping you updated 24/7 about your favorite topics. With (Conduit’s) Sulia Quick Launch, you stay connected to your social feeds while enjoying the ultimate lock screen launcher for all your quick access needs! Sulia’s subject-based structure of content delivery connects trusted sources and enthusiasts on shared interests across thousands of subjects, including entertainment, sports, tech, news, events, and more. FREE