Whether you picked up a Samsung Galaxy S7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on release day or you’ve only had it for a few hours, you know that you need to keep your phone protected. While Samsung makes great phones, the S7 series is susceptible to bumps and breaks, especially the Edge variant, due to all of the glass used on the phones. We’ve put together a list of some awesome cases and other accessories like screen protectors, docks, and micro SD cards. Check them out!

10Spigen Rugged Armor

Spigen is one of the biggest and best cell phone accessory companies because it makes excellent products for a wide variety of phones and offer them at a price that won’t break the bank. The Rugged Armor case is one of my favorites due to it’s understated looks and shock absorption.

Purchase Link (Samsung Galaxy S7): Amazon | Spigen
Purchase Link (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge): Amazon | Spigen

9Caseology Envoy Series

Caseology just makes beautiful cases. If you’re interested in enhancing how your device looks, you may want to check out one of its case lineups. We’ve focussed on the Envoy Series today due its hard plastic bumper that absorbs shocks, the leather cherry oak back, and wonderful color combinations. You can grab this case in one of six combinations to suit your needs.

Purchase Link (Samsung Galaxy S7): Amazon | Caseology
Purchase Link (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge): Amazon | Caseology

8AIIYG DS Gradient Mirror

This is one of the coolest looking cases out there. The AIIYG DS Gradient Mirror TPU case has four different color options to choose from and provides a hard plastic bumper and an awesome looking gel case. The gradient of colors is unlike almost every other case out there and will truly stand out in a crowd. Be prepared to get asked where you got your case, because this is a conversation starter.
Purchase Link (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge): Amazon

7Supcase Unicorn Beetle

If you’re looking for serious protection at a great price, look no further than the Supcase Unicorn Beetle. The case is a hard plastic exterior with a soft interior to cradle your phone in case of drops. It also includes a 360-degree swiveling belt hook so you don’t have to stick a big phone and larger phone case into your pockets. The cutouts are large enough to not inhibit functionality but small enough to protect the phone. This is an awesome option if you want to make sure your phone is protected long-term.

Purchase Link (Samsung Galaxy S7): Amazon | Supcase
Purchase Link (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge): Amazon | Supcase

6Samsung LED View Flip Cover

Samsung is one of the only companies out there that make excellent first party accessories for its phones. One of the best is the LED View Flip Cover. The case allows the phone to display a wealth of information like the time and notification directly through the case. You can also use gestures to interact with the phone and your notifications without even opening the case. Pretty cool stuff.

Purchase Link (Samsung Galaxy S7): Amazon | Samsung
Purchase Link (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge): Amazon | Samsung

5Armorsuit MilitaryShield

If you’re looking to protect your screen, Armorsuit’s option may be the best of the best. Glass screen protectors have issues with curved displays, so the scratch-proof material Armorsuit uses is a great option for full coverage. You apply it with a liquid solution that seals the screen protector to the screen so it doesn’t move and no bubbles are trapped underneath.

Purchase Link (Samsung Galaxy S7): Amazon
Purchase Link (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge): Amazon

4Xcords Glass Screen Protector

If you’re married to the idea of a glass screen protector, you may want to check out Xcords’ option. The screen protector goes over the entirety of the front of your phone, not just the display. The scratchproof screen protector is heat-bent to match the curve of your phone and provide 100% protection.
Purchase Link (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge): Amazon

3MKK Universal Stand + Samsung Fast Charger

I keep my phone on a charging dock at my desk at work and it might be the most convenient thing in my life. I constantly get my updates as they come in, I don’t have to check my phone constantly and my phone always stays charged. The MKK Universal Stand comes with a Samsung fast charger so your phone will charge up in a jiffy and remain within eyesight of your desk or bedside table.

Purchase Link: Amazon

2Belkin PowerHouse ChargeSync Express Dock

Belkin offers another option that comes with a few more features. This offers an adjustable connector so you can use it even if you have a bulky case on your device. The charging speed is a bit slower, but that may help overall battery health in the long term if it trickle charges, rather than charges as quickly as possible.

Purchase Link: Amazon

1SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSD card

One of the best thing about owning a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge is the expandable storage. With a simple $20 micro SD card you can triple your storage space and move that card between multiple phones. This is a no brainer.

Purchase Link: Amazon


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