Nexus 6P fingerprint reader.

So, you have a shiny new Huawei Nexus 6P. How do you make the most of it? How do you protect it? It’s been tough sledding trying to find a wide range of accessories so far. These are by no means Samsung or Apple phones where you can find hundreds of cases, screen protectors, and cables in a ton of designs and variations.


In a previous post, I declared this USB Type-C dock my favorite Nexus accessory, but here are some more contenders for the crown.

Carved Wood Cases

carved nexus 6p case 1

Carved makes some of the coolest designed cases out there. Made with real wood, the cases are all unique because no one can have the exact same woodgrain as you. The cases are made from polycarbonate to protect from small falls and bumps. You can grab cases from Carved on its website ($29), Amazon ($29), and Etsy ($34).

WickedWoodcrafts Docking Station

wickedwoodcrafts dock

This is one of the coolest products (and most expensive!) we’ve ever featured in one of our accessory guides. This real wood docking station is handmade and designed to amplify the sound from the speakers on your Nexus 6P. If you have a hard time waking up in the morning, definitely check it out! The phone slips into the groove in the dock and you plug in your power cable from the side. You still have access to the fingerprint reader so the phone is fully functional. It seems like it would be great to lay in bed and watch YouTube or Netflix before bed. You can find WickWoodcrafts on Etsy ($218).

GripTight GorillaPod Stand

GripTight GorillaPod Stand

If you’re looking to take the perfect pictures with your Nexus 6P, a tripod should be in your arsenal. This GorillaPod stand is a universal stand so it can be used with any phone you may have with you up to 9″ wide. The rubberized adjustable legs will put your phone in any position you need to get that perfect shot and keep it stable enough for long exposure and HDR shots. The legs also have wrappable joints so you can secure the tripod to branches, pipes, or whatever you have around you. You can grab the GripTight GorilaPod Stand at Amazon ($17.40), Joby ($29.95), B&H Photo ($16.37), REI ($33), and Walmart ($29.95).

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick

If you’re looking for a way to expand the storage in your Nexus 6P, your options are limited. Unfortunately, Huawei and Google made the decision to not include a microSD card slot, but not all is lost. SanDisk offers a wireless flash drive that can double your storage for only $25. This 32GB stick plugs into your computer through USB then wirelessly connects to your smartphone so you can stream the media you saved from your computer. The Wireless Stick is also a great option to backup the files on your phone for safekeeping or sharing with friends and family. You can grab the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick at B&H Photo ($29.99), Adorama ($29.99), Best Buy ($30.99), NewEgg ($37.24), or Amazon ($25.20).

Satechi Pro RideMate Bike Mount

Satechi Pro RideMate Bike Mount

If you’re lucky enough to be able to bike to work or around town, the Satechi Bike Mount might dramatically improve your commute. This water resistant pouch secures your phone to the handlebars so you can easily view directions on Google Maps or Waze. The universal mount fits handlebars from 0.79″ to 1.34″ in diameter and swivels to get that perfect angle. The pouch is touch sensitive too, so you can control your music if you’re not too busy dodging cars and joggers! The Satechi Pro RideMate Bike Mount is for sale at ($29.99), Overstock ($29.99), and Amazon ($34.99).

Spigen Stealth Car Mount



For the commuters in the crowd, check out the Spigen Stealth Car Mount. You probably know Spigen’s reputation as a company who makes great cases, but its recently branched out into other accessories like Bluetooth earbuds, phone grips, and car mounts. The Stealth mount sits on your dash and clamps down on your phone in landscape so you can check out your directions in Google Maps in real time. No more holding your phone down by your leg so the cops don’t see you. There are two grooves your phone fits into so you can get the perfect angle and the reusable gel pad keeps everything secure without leaving a residue on your dash. You can pick up the Spigen Stealth Car Mount at eBay ($19.99), ($29.99), MobileFun ($29.99), or Amazon ($20.99).

iCarez Tempered Glass Screen Protector

iCarez Tempered Glass Screen Protector

iCarez has the best rated Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the Nexus 6P on Amazon. Others may have more reviews, but none of them can match iCarez 4.5-star rating. The screen protector is only 0.33mm thick and has 9H hardness. Most screen protectors can boast the same stats, but where iCarez wins is cutouts and price. Coming in at only $7.95 on Amazon it’s a great deal, especially when you take into consideration the free Prime shipping. The screen protector covers the entire face of the phone with exact cutouts for the speakers and sensors. Pick one of these up before you scratch or shatter your screen. You can pick up the iCarez Tempered Glass Screen Protector on Amazon for only about $8.

Yaker Leather Case

Yaker Leather Case

I absolutely love leather. I love the feel and the smell of real leather. I love how it looks and the durability of it. Yaker has come out with a leather case that provides that real leather feel without bulking up the phone too much. The 6P is already a big phone, we don’t need any of that bulk. This hard Polycarbonate shell has leather stretched all the way across it with a classic stitching on the back. It’s purely cosmetic, but who cares? It looks great. A case like this will keep your phone free of scratches and small drops, but if you’re looking for serious protection, this may not be the one for you. You can grab the Yaker Leather Case on Amazon for $14.86

iOrange Dual USB A and C Wall Adapter

iOrange Dual USB A and C Wall Adapter

If you want to charge your Nexus as fast as possible, you need a good USB cable (see below) and a wall adapter to plug it into. But, not everything runs on USB type C (yet) so flexibility is something I really appreciate. The iOrage Dual USB Wall Charger lets you have your cake and eat it too. The USB C port will work for any of your newer devices like your Nexus 6P while you can still charge up other devices that still require micro USB cables too. You can pick up the iOrange Wall Adapter on Amazon for $16.99.

Orzly Multicolor pack of USB cables

orzly usb 4 pack

Orzly has put together a great pack of cables that will give you the flexibility to use either the newest USB C standard or charge up with your legacy type A adapters from previous phones. You get four cables in this pack (one USB A to C, three USB C to C) that all measure 1 meter (3.3 feet) long. These cables have great shielding, bold colors, and are Benson Leung approved. You can pick up Orzly’s multicolored pack on Amazon for $22.99

That wraps up our list! What are your favorite accessories for the new Nexus devices? Let us know down in the comments what you have to make the most out of your Phone! Want to see more? Check out Volume 1 of our list!

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  1. You’re not supposed to wear headphones while riding a bike in traffic, FYI. So I’ll assume the 6P has really great speakers. Especially since it’d be enclosed in a zip-lock type bag.

    Or do you use a blue-tooth speaker when you ride?

  2. Most of these are not specific to the 6p and the stealth car mount doesn’t work with he 6p due to the button location. Hardly a comprehensive list. Poorly researched.

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