10 Android icon packs you need to download now (Volume 6)

One of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of your Android device is to install a new launcher. And, once you do that, it’s a breeze to swap icons packs in and out to refresh the aesthetics. Prefer a minimal look with white icons? Sweet! Dig that flat and square stuff that feels like Google Now? Get it! Prefer for a nice, rounded icon design? Whatever, dude… it’s your device.

We’ve gathered up yet another 10 of our favorite icon packs to go along with our previous collections. For those counting, this is the sixth post of its kind; see others at bottom of post.

Note that there are a number of launchers for Android and that not all of these may play nice. Our advice is to read the Google Play details and check out the user comments if you aren’t quite sure. 

  • Flatty – A Flat Hex Icon Pack – Actually considered a beta app, there are more than 1,000 hexagaon-shaped flat icons available in resolutions up to 144×144. Also includes 10 solid wallpaper colors. $1.99
  • Simplicity Plus Icon Pack – Roughly 300 icons and growing, it’s a combination of circular shapes and flat designs; all the rage lately. Easy to install for just about any launcher you’ll find. $1.21
  • Naxos Flat Icon Pack ADW Nova – More than 600 icons with 300×300 pixel resolution and 11 wallpapers give this bundle a real Google Now-like feel. Bonus points for easy installation tool $2.00
  • Axis – GO Apex Nova Theme – More than 1,000 flat icons with a hint of 60’s travel brochure retro, there’s nearly a dozen wallpapers and an installation dashboard too. Bang for the buck to be sure! $1.99
  • Rusticons – Nearly 500 icons at 144×144 resolution, these have a nice touch of grunge and grit; lots of detail packed into these images. Note these won’t work with Go Launcher FREE
  • Crysta – While there are less than 200 icons in the bundle, the app will mask your existing icons to match. Creates a great 3D depth that looks different than anything else on this list $1.30
  • Pixelicious – Give your Android an old school flavor with these 8-bit icons. More than 1,000 icons available; look like truly stripped down versions of the standard icons. $1.29
  • Circlons –  Packed with 1,500 icons, 32 wallpapers, icon masking, and two dozen icon packs, you’ll be hardpressed to get more for your money.  Flat, soft, and easy on the eyes $1.49
  • Octa UI – 565 icons and getting bigger, these 144px icons employ the same eight colors across the entire palette and bring a nice uniform look to the table. Updated regularly and comes with 6 HD wallpapers $.99
  • Half Shade – Flat for the most part, these also have a 3D-like appearance with a beveled edge and shade falling diagonally across the face. Includes 400+ icons, masking, and 21 wallpapers $1.50

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