10 Android icon packs you need to download now

So you’ve gotten into customizing your phone or tablet a bit and now you want to tweak a bit more. One of the easiest ways to change your existing look is to install a new launcher.  Once you do that, it’s a breeze to swap icons packs in and out. Prefer a minimal look with single colors across the board? Done. Wanna get in on the whole flat and square look that seems to be all the rage? Here ya go! Prefer for a nice, rounded icon design? Whatever you want, buddy…

We’ve gathered up yet another 10 of our favorite icon packs to go along with our previous collections. This marks the fifth volume in our ongoing curation!

Note that there are a number of launchers for Android and that not all of these may play nice. Our advice is to read the details and check out the user comments if you aren’t quite sure. Further, some of these will require manual selection and adjustment. 

  • Planar – Sharp, square icons with lots of detail that won’t confuse users; more than 1,300 icons and 5 wallpapers included in bundle $1.49
  • Minimal Shadows – Although short on the overall number volume (150+ icons), these are a great blend of white images set against color tiles. The shadows provide a nice raised 3D effect $.99
  • Flatastico – Flat graphics and slightly curved corners call to mind the iOS design cues, and these look great on gradient wallpapers. Updated often, but already at 560+ icons $1.49
  • Flatta – With 355+ icons and growing, the design skews a little on the minimal side – but not too much. Bundle includes 7 wallpapers that make them pop right off the screen FREE
  • Hekz – Forget that square or round stuff and go hexagonal with this bundle of more than 1600 icons. Go artistic or matte and find the theme that works best for your layout. Gorgeous! $1.49
  • Flat-O – The perfect blend of flat design color and aesthetics set inside circular icons, we simply love these. More than 730+ icons and 13 wallpapers to dress your Android up $1.49
  • Shady Flat – Nearly 400 icons in this bundle with the raised 3D shadow effect, all of which have an almost grey-like haze over them. Great mixture of colors and iconography. $1.33
  • Lucent Remix – Perhaps the most “minimal” icon pack highlighted on this list, you’ve got white icons on top of grey squares with a slightly washed out trim. Icon pack is 400+ strong FREE
  • Umbra – Circular, colorful, and just the right amount of depth, this pack is 580+ strong and includes 7 wallpapers. We’ve long been a fan of Mr. Kelly’s work and his latest collection is among his finest $1.99
  • Cyrcle – Serious bang for your buck, the pack is 1400+ icons, 32 wallpapers, and 16 docks for Nova Launcher. Icon masking tool makes unthemed apps blend in; request icons through the dashboard $1.89

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