10 of the best Android icon packs you can find today (Volume 7)

One of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of your Android device is to install a new launcher. And, once you do that, it’s a breeze to swap icons packs in and out to refresh the aesthetics. Prefer a minimal look with white icons? Sweet! Dig that flat and square stuff that feels like Google Now? Get it! Prefer for a nice, rounded icon design? Whatever, dude… it’s your device.

We’ve gathered up yet another 10 of our favorite icon packs to go along with our previous collections. For those counting, this is the seventh post of its kind; see others at bottom of post.

Note that there are a number of launchers for Android and that not all of these may play nice. Our advice is to read the Google Play details and check out the user comments if you aren’t quite sure.

UPDATE: Check out Volume 8 for even more amazing icon packs!

  • Wax Icon Pack – Features nearly 800 high resolution icons at 192 x 192 pixels, icon masking, a pair of wallpapers, and an app for easy installation $1.37
  • Cryten – Flat and circular, there’s almost 1,300 pastel icons, almost three dozen wallpapers, and masking for un-themed icons. $1.49
  • Cinque – More than 1,000 icons with a five-sided shape, all with flat colors and high detail. Toss in a cool dozen 2,560 x 1,600 resolution wallpapers, and masking and you have a heck of a package. $1.49
  • ClearPack – A shade under 400 icons that feature a Google Now-like aesthetic, we like the unique shapes set atop grey circles. $.99
  • Flat Candy – Bright, colorful, and delicious, we couldn’t think of a better name for this bundle of 700+ icons. Bonus points for icon masking and five wallpapers $2.05 
  • Lumos – Muted colors and a more minimal approach to 1,500+ icons at 144px resolution. Dashboard app lets you apply them easily with your launcher; cloud-based wallpapers. $1.99
  • Etched Vivid – Subtle gradients, softly rounded corners, and a limited color palette keep your app drawer and home screen from getting too “busy”. Masking and generic icons help in case you’ve got apps outside of the 300+ icons. $.99
  • Grafikos – With more than 500 icons and growing, these are bold colors and slight gradients with flat back symbols. $1.00
  • Belle UI – A shade over 1,000 icons at 144px resolution with rounded corners and plenty of detail. As the only bundle listed here that’s free, it’s as nice as other paid packs. FREE
  • Influx – 600+ icons with muted colors, a slight degree of “elevation”, shading, and just the right amount of detail. Easy to install with any launcher, comes with Zooper Pro Widgets and a Widgetlocker Slider. $1.99

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