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CyanogenMod 11 Themes

Ever since CyanogenMod 11 was released, including the new Theme Showcase, many developers have been frantically trying to design, create, and release their versions to the Play Store. After the announcement of Android L, there was a massive influx of new CM11 themes featuring the notification panel of L, as well as the beautiful keyboard. However, now that the hype from Android L has been stemmed for now, new and different themes are coming out of the woodworks, and bringing the excitement of customization back.

Kreatur UI by Nikolai Prettner

Kreatur UI is one the most recent CM11 theme that I’ve downloaded to my device, and it’s one that I will probably always keep switching between due to how elaborate it is. Developed by Nikolai Prettner, Kreatur is just one of many that have been released to the Play Store by Screenlicious. Kreatur features a dark theme with green accents across the whole theme.

Kreatur UI Dialer

When applying Kreatur through the Theme Chooser settings panel, Nikolai has included the ability to the theme the system UI, wallpapers, fonts, ringtones, notifications, and alarms. The navigation buttons on my HTC One M8, are themed to match the HTC Sense navigation buttons, and create a nice feeling, from the start. In the status bar, the Wi-Fi, Battery Indicator, and Time are all themed in the dark-ish green, that is found throughout all of Kreatur. Pulling down the Notification bar, you can toggle between your quick toggles and your notifications through the little contact image, that is also green.

Kreatur UI Keyboard

When switching to your Quick Toggles panel, the normal panel icons are green as well. However, if you toggle something on and off, like Rotation Lock, when not toggled the icon will be black, until you toggle the option on again. In the settings, the entire panel is black with the text in white, and the icons next to labels, in green. As you can see in the screenshot above, the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Mobile Networks have themed toggles, and similar to the quick toggles panel, they are green when switched on, and dark grey when switched off.

Kreatur UI Quick Toggles

As for the keyboard, the green/black/grey theme is found as well, with the keyboard background being black, and the keys being the dark grey. the caps lock, voice dictation, smiley face, and delete button, are all themed in the same green that is found throughout. The spacebar with Kreatur was the one thing that surprised me the most for some reason. The entire spacebar is green. I thought that was a nice touch, just to pull the theme all the way together, but also differentiate the spacebar from the rest of the keyboard.

Kreatur UI is available on the Play Store for $1.05 via the Play Store widget below.

[pb-app-box pname=’’ name=’Kreatur UI CM11/PA Theme’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

L Dark for CM11/PA by Yackovsky

Just about everyone I know went through the Android L phase a few weeks back, and to be honest, at that point I didn’t even CM11 themes were available. Well as always Jacek Malinowski saved the day, by releasing the standard version to the Play Store, so that everyone could get their Android L fix. A little while ago, Jacek was at it again, but this time, he released an Android L Dark CM 11 theme to the Play Store. Since I don’t normally like bright and vibrant themes, I jumped at the chance to pick this up.

Android L Dark Dialer

Jacek thought of everything, from the wallpaper to the keyboard, including the notification center and settings panel. Everything is themed in the style of Android L, but with a dark tint to it. The only Android L feature that wasn’t included in this CM 11 theme, were the icons for the navigation bar, that many are fond of, from the Developer Preview.

Android L Dark Quick Toggles

The notification center was what excited me the most, because it looks just like the notification center from the Android L actual OS. Considering the fact that I’m running Android L on my Nexus 5, I was able to compare and contrast most of these CM 11 Android L themes, but went with the Yackovsky version, for obvious reason. Even the Quick Toggles look just like the ones from the Developer Preview, and the fact that Jacek was able to put so much detail into just a theme, was amazing.

Android L Dark Settings

Now the Settings app was where this theme was a little different than the standard Android L theme that Jacek released on the Play Store. While the header at the top of the Settings app is still themed to go along with the rest of the theme, the Settings panel itself, is a bit different. The toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Mobile Networks, when turned on, are a yellow color, and when turned off, are black. Being a Baltimore Ravens fan, I was a little upset about the black and yellow theme, but I won’t hold it against Jacek.

Android L Dark Notifications

The rest of the theme is just about perfect, and while the navigation buttons were a little bothersome at first, I ended up getting over it, and just using the classic Android ones. There are two version on the Play Store for the Android L Dark theme. While there are no differences between the two versions, one is free, and the other is $1.63. I’ve linked to the free version below, but if you’d like to donate to the Yackovsky cause, you can do so via the same widget below.

[pb-app-box pname=’’ name=’L dark FREE for CM11/PA’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

Flux – CM11 Theme by giannisgx89

Flux was one of the first CM11 themes that I saw on the Play Store, and that was really before I even knew about the CM 11 themes in general. Giannisgx89, also known as John Xionidis, released Flux, and after seeing what it was all about, was really the deciding factor in my decision to try out CM on my HTC One M8.

Flux Dialer

Flux is a mixture of flat icons, with shadows in certain areas. For example, the lock screen ring is just a basic white ring, but there is a shadow that comes off of the lock itself, that adds depth. That same depth can be found throughout the entire theme. Just about everything you can think of, within the Android System, is themed with Flux. The Notification center, the icons on your device, even the dialer and even the individual keys on the keyboard are rounded and slightly themed.

Flux Settings

While with Kreatur and L Dark the notification toggles are still the tiles that you are accustomed to seeing, however, with Flux, they are circular icons, with shadows on them. The main color found throughout Flux is a nice shade of blue, but when you are using the Settings application, each specific icon is a different color. Each icon still has the shadow attached to it, but John really went the extra mile with this one.

Flux Quick Toggles

Flux is available on the Play Store, via the widget below, for $1.75.

[pb-app-box pname=’com.flux.theme.flux’ name=’Flux – CM11 Theme’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

Empire CM11 by DrumDestroyer

The final theme today, is also probably the most elaborate one featured today. Last month DrumDestroyer released an icon pack by the name of Empire, and these icons were something a little bit different. The apps that were themed, didn’t always feature the colors that you were accustomed to seeing, while using a more unique color palette, than had been used before.

Empire Dialer

Last week, DrumDestroyer released the Empire CM 11 theme to the world on the Play Store. The same palette of colors can be found at every turn, but DrumDestroyer took it one step further. Some applications, like Hangouts, were themed as well. This was something that I was absolutely blown away by, because of the fact that I didn’t think it was possible to do.

Empire Keyboard

Now, while Hangouts is themed, there is a separate APK that is available via the Play Store link below, which gives you an Empire themed Hangouts, the way that DrumDestroyer intended it to be. DrumDestroyer even went so far as to theme the Play Store in the same style as Empire. Something else that was unexpected included in the release of the Empire CM 11 Theme, were the Empire icons. All of the applicable icons that are found in the Empire icon pack, are themed within the Empire CM 11 theme.

Empire Play Store

When you look at the navigation bar, DrumDestoryer created a modified set of navigation icons, with a little blue accent to the bottom of the icon. Most of the system applications, like the stock calendar application, are themed as well. The theme literally spreads as far as DrumDestroyer could reach, and this was because he couldn’t find any other CM 11 theme that he liked to go along with the Empire icon pack that was released. There are even Empire Zooper widgets available in the Play Store if you want to complete the circle and have an Empire 11 themed device.

The Empire 11 CM Theme from DrumDestroyer is available via the Play Store widget below, for only $.99.

[pb-app-box pname=’theme.drumdestroyer.empirecm11.themeengine’ name=’Empire CM11 Theme’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

These are just a few of the latest themes to make their way onto the Play Store. While there are more and more being released every day, AndroidGuys will be bringing more of these overviews to everyone to check out.

What CM11 Themes are you using? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.

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