Back at it again with this week’s Editor’s Picks. Some favorite apps of the week, chosen by the staff just for you!



VLC is the Android version of the popular Windows media player. It supports several different formats and comes with some handy features, like live streaming video from within the app with an URL. It recently launched version 2.0 of the app which adds even more to the already super powerful capabilities of VLC. If you’re a fan of streaming or watch a lot of movies, VLC is a great pick for your phone or tablet.

Download VLC from the Play Store

Pocket Morty’s


Pocket Mortys is a Adult Swim game based on the hilarious show Rick and Morty. It’s a parody Pokemon clone at it’s core, but with a lot of charm, wit, and great depth to it’s simple battle system, this game is sure to keep bringing you back in. Pocket Morty’s features a ton of Morty’s to collect and battle, as well as fun easter eggs from the show to enjoy. There’s a lot to love in this one, so be sure to check it out for yourself.

Download Pocket Mortys from the Play Store

Google Opinion Rewards


Google Rewards is a feedback program from Google that offers you Google Play credit for your responses to simple surveys. For the most part, the surveys are one to two questions based on your location history or spending habits, and are multiple choice. The surveys don’t pay out a ton, but after a good while of saving, you can rack up some serious free credits for movies and apps in the Play Store. If you’re looking for a simple and free way to earn some Google Play credits, this one’s for you!

Download Google Opinion Rewards from the Play Store



Tiny Scanner is the easiest way to replace your home scanner. The app allows you to photograph documents on your device, and easily edit them and share them as photocopies, including the realistic look of a freshly copied page. It’s super simple and makes sending files on the go super quick. A must have for the busy business people.

Download TinyScanner on the Play Store

Clipboard Actions


Clipboard actions a power user’s best friend. The app supercharges your copy and paste abilities on your device, allowing you to easily copy and search, share and many other useful functions right from your clipboard. A time saving app that is unintrusive and intuitive, Clipboard Actions makes copy and pasting into a multitasking super action.

Download Clipboard Actions from the Play Store



DreamLab turns your phone into a cancer research solving computer while you sleep. Essentially, while you sleep and your phone is charging, DreamLab borrows the processing power to help in the research and curing of cancer. It uses virtually zero data, and doesn’t cause your phone to charge slowly. It’s a simple way to do some good without having to go out of your way.

Download Dreamlab from the Play Store

Fallout Shelter


If you’re anything like me, you love the Fallout series for its humor and post-apocalyptic setting. Now, you can take the Fallout fun with you, with Fallout Shelter. A fun, simple little settlement building game that puts you in the role of a Vault Overseer in charge of the survival of your own set of Vault Dwellers. You can assign jobs, go on quests, and expand your Vault in many fun and hilarious ways. This game is constantly updated with new content, and has a good deal of challenge and strategy to keep you engaged. If you’re a Fallout fan, or a fan of addictingly fun games, this one is for you.

Download Fallout Shelter from the Play Store



Tasker takes your phone to the next level, allowing you to have greater control and communicate with almost any smart device in your home or office, all without root access. While a bit difficult to pick up right away, once you master it Tasker makes automating and controlling everything from your phone super simple.

Download Tasker from the Play Store



Zedge is the wallpaper app to end all wallpaper apps. It covers everything you could possibly want, plus does ringtones, live wallpapers and more all for free. It’s a one stop shop to make your phone truly unique, and “yours.” Definitely one to check out!

Download Zedge from the Play Store

Music Boss


Music Boss grants you more control over your music from your wrist, and offers a more intuitive experience than the stock Pebble music app. You can change the look of the app screen, as well as the function and layout of the buttons. Music Boss is compatible with any music app from your phone, and can control more than one at once. It fits all styles of Pebble Watch, from the original to the Round. There’s also an Android Wear version for those of you without the Pebble, and it’s just as feature rich and intuitive. If you’re a Pebble user, this music app is a must-try.

Download Music Boss from the Play Store



Snapchat is the newest, hottest social media app out there. Snapchat allows you to share photos and videos, add filters and stickers, and chat with friends and followers. It has a robust community of prominent members like celebrities and popular channels like IGN, ESPN, Esquire and more for rapid updated news and curated content. Snapchat is ever growing and a fun app to play with in your spare time!

Download Snapchat from the Play Store

Here they are! This week’s Editor’s Picks from AndroidGuys! Be sure to give em a try!

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