Hey guys, back again this week with another edition of Editor’s Picks. This week we’re featuring a bunch of awesome games along with some handy apps that we use every day and think you guys should definitely check out!

Dots & Co.


From the makers of Two Dots comes another casual game that’s oh so easy to learn but oh so hard to put down. The premise remains unchanged: connect one dot to another, stringing together as many as possible. Players are asked to get rid of a set amount of colored dots, break ice, and other increasingly difficult challenges. To help you out, though, are a number of companions who hop in along the way. Each of your pals offer their own powers to overcome obstacles and do their part to get you through the 155 levels. Give it five minutes and you’ll be hooked.

Download Dots & Co from the Google Play Store



curiosityapplogodark (FILEminimizer)

“The Curiosity.com Android app has inspired millions of people all over the world to get smarter every day with daily “Smart Facts” that help them improve their knowledge while having fun!

For curious, lifelong learners of all ages looking for impossible answers to challenging questions, we share amazing topics in visual, short-­form, mobile-­friendly experiences. We make learning curious facts easier and more fun than it’s ever been!
Are you one of those inquisitive minds always looking for enigmatic quotes, challenging quizzes, and unique books? The Curiosity App for Google Play gives you all of that plus the most interesting topics and learning content from the whole web, hand­-picked by our editors day by day.

Every 24 hours we release new, engaging content for you to digest including mind-blowing science, history and technology facts, and a fascinating dose of knowledge for smart brains and curious minds. Imagine having the best museum and the most fascinating library at your disposal…in your Android device.”

Download Curiosity from the Google Play Store



protonmail (FILEminimizer)

ProtonMail is the world’s largest encrypted email service with over 1 million users. The ProtonMail secure email app for Android brings easy-to-use email encryption to your mobile device by seamlessly integrating PGP end-to-end encryption. ProtonMail also provides a modern user interface with a full set of innovative features such as customizable swipe gestures and the ability to send expiring emails.

With ProtonMail, you can ensure your emails stay private and cannot be intercepted or disclosed to third parties. There’s easy-to-use, open source end-to-end encryption, that’s OpenPGP compatible. The service is totally free, under Swiss privacy law protection.

With the ProtonMail app, you can:

• Create a new protonmail.com email address with automatic PGP key creation and management
• Send and receive encrypted emails and attachments automatically
• Set timers for messages to self-destruct after sending
• Quickly organize emails with customizable swipe gestures and labels
• Get push notification of new emails
• Send password protected encrypted emails to non-ProtonMail email addresses

Download ProtonMail from the Google Play Store


Ishtar Commander

Ishtar Commander Weapons

“I use Ishtar Commander every time I play Destiny. While that isn’t as much as I may like these days, I can usually get in a couple hours with friends during the week and run the raid. Ishtar Commander saves me so much time and frustration. I no longer have to run back to the Tower and switch between characters to move guns, materials, and consumables.

The devs have been excellent communicating with the community and pushing constant updates. When something breaks, it’s immediately addressed. You rarely see dev support for a free app like this.”

Download Ishtar Commander from the Google Play Store 




“The WordPress mobile app is an excellent tool for viewing and editing your WordPress site, as well as following your favorite blogs and sites. The app is fully featured, and allows you to basically do everything just as easily as on the full site. Post and edit pages, view page statistics, and update content wherever you are.

I use it to update and check up on work while away from my computer, and make sure that I’m always on top of my multiple WordPress powered sites and blogs. If you are a heavy user of WordPress, then this one is definitely worth looking at!”

Download WordPress from the Google Play Store


Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks

habitica (FILEminimizer)

Input your Habits, your Daily goals, and your To-Do list, and then create a custom avatar. Check off tasks to level up your avatar and unlock features such as armor, pets, skills, and even quests! Fight monsters with friends to keep each other accountable, and use your gold on in-game rewards, like equipment, or custom awards, like watching an episode of your favorite TV show. Flexible, social, and fun, Habitica is the perfect way to motivate yourself to accomplish anything.

Download Habitica from the Google Play Store




Since I cut the cord last year, keeping up with my favorite shows Game of Thrones, VEEP, and Silicon Valley can be costly. Instead I get unlimited access to those TV shows and a ton of movies with a $15 subscription to HBO NOW. A subscription gets you unlimited access to all of HBO’s TV series, so if you have not watched The Sopranos, The Wire, or the Pacific, you need to take advantage of HBO’s 30 day free trial to take advantage of these award winning series.

Download HBO Now from the Google Play Store


T-Mobile Tuesdays

t mobile tuesdays

T-Mobile Tuesdays is a new rewards program exclusively for T-Mobile customers. Just for being a customer, T-Mobile gives out rewards such as free stuff, discounts, and even a share if T-Mobile stock. It’s a great little incentive to consider switching carriers, as some of the rewards are pretty sweet. Recently, they gave out free tickets to Suicide Squad, as well as unlimited data for players of Pokemon Go so you don’t burn up your data Catchin’ em all.

Every week the rewards change, and if you miss them, they’re gone, so be sure to check back every Tuesday for more rewards and deals. If you’re a T-Mobile customer, this one is a must=have app!

Download T-Mobile Tuesdays from the Google Play Store


Mobius Final Fantasy


“The definitive high-definition FINAL FANTASY game for mobile phones! Featuring a deep story penned by Kazushige Nojima of FINAL FANTASY VII and FINAL FANTASY X fame, and stunning visuals with 3-D graphics never before seen in an RPG for mobile phones! Mobius Final Fantasy offers episodic content that is released over time, so the game is always growing

The game has a new and refined RPG turn-based battle system specifically designed for mobile devices, creating highly tactical battles where each action flows into the next, chaining attacks and abilities in a rhythmic flow that brings destruction to your foes! Also, FINAL FANTASY’s vaunted “Job System” returns, bringing a deep character customization system allowing for a near limitless number of combinations between job classes and specialized elemental abilities. Choose your job, build your “deck,” and destroy your enemies!”

If you are a big time mobile gamer, or a big fan of RPGs and Final Fantasy, I would highly recommend this one.

Download Mobius Final Fantasy from the Google Play Store


Escaping the Prison

escape (FILEminimizer)

“This is a classic Flash-style game from the Newgrounds era brought to mobile. Escape the Prison is a surprisingly deep and fun game that features simple, yet hilarious animation and clever humor. Branching gameplay and multiple endings mean that it has a lot of replay value as well.

Escape the Prison is smart, yet simple and will never fail to bring a smile to your face! If you have fond memories of playing browser-based Flash games in school like I do, then this one is right up your alley!”

Download Escaping the Prison on the Google Play Store



agasr (FILEminimizer)

“Agar.io is the quirky little game that has taken the internet by storm. Play online with players around the world as you try to become the biggest cell of them all!
Control your tiny cell and eat other players to grow larger! But watch out: players bigger than you will be trying to make you their lunch. Survive and eat long enough to become the biggest cell in the game!

With new controls developed especially for touchscreens, agar.io offers the same addictive gameplay that millions have already enjoyed on PC. Play online in free-for-all action and use splitting, shrinking and dodging tactics to catch other players – or avoid them! Use a variety of special secret skins with the right username!”

Download Agar.io from the Google Play Store


Thanks again for checking out Editor’s Picks for this week! We hope you enjoy the apps we recommended this week!

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