reddit is fun reddit_is_fun

This is not a new app by any means, but is still relevant to us as this is our favorite of the reddit apps currently available on the PlayStore. With a smooth, flat UI and a nice simple layout, you’re able to browse through reddit posts without any difficulty. We’re also big fans of how easy it is to switch through different subreddits with a simple swipe to the left. If you’re a big redditor, or even if you don’t know what reddit is, definitely give it a download![pb-app-box pname=’’ name=’reddit is fun’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

KNACK’s Quest



A game that goes hand in hand with the Knack title for those PlayStation 4 gamers, this is one of those matching games that we can’t seem to put down. While not as addicting as Candy Crush, this is still something that brings plenty of replay value after beating all of the levels, with it’s Endless Mode.

After each level, you accrue points, and those points unlock various parts and pieces that can then be used in the PS4 game. This, of course, can only be done after linking the app to your PlayStation profile. Some parts are rare, while others are just common parts that are picked up over and over again as the game progresses. Knack’s Quest is definitely one of those games you should check out, even if you don’t play the console game. The best part about this game, is that it’s free, so what do you have to lose?

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QuickPic is the ultimate replacement for your stock picture gallery app. It’s got more options and features than your standard gallery app and more than most others. Especially now with the ability to view and save files to various cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

The app is super quick and very simple to use. Highly recommended to anyone who doesn’t particularly like the Google Gallery app.

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Muzei Live Wallpaper


Muzei is a live wallpaper app that actually changes the wallpaper at select intervals on your homescreen. The cool thing about Muzei is that there are several settings, such as: blur for blurring your wallpaper, dim for making the wallpaper dim or bright, as well as a few other options. There are also numerous other apps that work with Muzei to give you “sources” for various different kinds of images. There’s Flickr, Reddit, and other sources and the most recommend one that you should get is the Romain Guy extension as he has some of the most beautiful wallpapers I’ve ever seen.

If you like to see a different wallpaper on a regular basis on your homescreen without having to pick and choose yourself, install Muzei today!



Some of us are the type of people who like to have a good set of clock widgets to choose from. From time to time, you end up switching them around to match the wallpaper you’re using… you know how it is. Well, usually we end up switching to the ClockQ widget. This is a highly customize-able digital clock widget where you can choose from dozens of fonts , colors, shadows and all that stuff. You can scale it in the app and rotate it around too!

There is a free version available, but also a premium version for those of you who want even more fonts and customization. Check it out if you wanna switch up your clock!

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