Ever wanted to print the pics you take daily on your phone? Look no further than the Snapfish app. Now you can print your pics just like you do from your PC or laptop.


The app allows you to browse photos from your phone, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Snapfish (of course). Order prints for home delivery or you can choose to pick up pictures from Walgreens and Meijer. You can even print square pics from your Instagram account.

Enjoy unlimited uploads to your Snapfish account, and share instantly to your Google+, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, or email. To make the app even better, you can get free prints for a year! Check out the app to find out more.



Veetle is kind of like cable TV for your smartphone. You can broadcast a video or watch videos that are being broadcast by others via this app. If you’re up for some comedy, you can pick up on some series that is being broadcast for example, or maybe you want to watch some live gaming? You can do that via this app.

Sure it’s not that convenient if you want to watch a series episode by episode, considering you can’t exactly choose which episode you want to download. They’re just thrown out there chronologically and they run all the time, so you can jump in and casually watch what’s on, like on a regular TV.

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Guess the Emoji


Let’s face it, we all knew that a game like this was coming. Emojis have gotten very popular recently, and are known to be over used and cliché (at least in my opinion). However, that doesn’t stop this game from being a blast to play!

Much like charades you are to guess the word or phrase that the emojis are symbolizing. Some are far easier than others, and you’ll find that most of the time the hard and easy level are completely mixed up! You’ll run into 2 or 3 difficult ones, and then have about 5 easy riddles. Nevertheless, it serves as a great time waster, and sometimes (surprisingly) very difficult and frustrating game! Perfect for this generation, so check it out!

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The newspaper game of your smartphone. Blendoku takes traditional Sudoku, adds in all sorts of color, and makes the game fun and enticing. This game moves your thought processes just as much as regular Sudoku does just without all the numbers!

The goal is simple enough, blend and arrange the colors in a certain way to beat the level. However, this game is hardly as easy as it sounds, and will definitely keep you locked in! Give it a look, it is free after all.

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DoubleTwist offers music listeners an enjoyable listening experience with a built in equalizer and lock screen controls, for those of you still on older versions of Android. DoubleTwist is not just a music player though, it also offers video playback and an ad-free radio with all the music selections you can imagine for $24.99 a year. After a 7 day free trial of course. $9.99 will get you AirSync and streaming to various supported systems like the XBox, PS3 and more!

DoubleTwist also allows you to download album art covers for those albums that have it missing. Another great feature is that it allows you to stream or download podcasts as well! DoubleTwist has you covered for all of your music (and video) needs!

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