Editor’s Picks: 15 Android apps you should know (May 10)

The Editor’s Picks, formerly known as APPTEASERS, is a collection of apps and games that are new to Android, recently updated, discounted, etc. Whatever the case, we think they’re worth exploring and are willing to bet that many of you would enjoy a few of them.

We understand that we won’t get every single app that crosses our path but we hope to filter things a bit and pass them along to you, dear reader. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as we showcase different apps over on our social network streams.

Most of what’s highlighted in this category is comprised of our App of the Day selections. Be sure to click through to read our individual posts for more details and descriptions!


Twisted Adventure: Little Red Riding Hood


Mechanics really straightforward; tap to jump. You’ll be hopping from one round, spinning platform to the next and you’re always moving forward. It’s not rocket science but it does get harder – and fast. Bats and other shadow animals will try to stop you so you need to think on your toes.

We simply love the graphics and game play of this one and think you’ll appreciate it. The music reminds me of something out of a Danny Elfman score (Beetlejuice or Edward Scissorhands) and really adds a layer of atmosphere. The the whole game spans 60 levels with a goal to collect and free as many items as possible. If you’re fan of trying to achieve three stars or perfect scores you’ll find high replay value here. – READ MORE

[pb-app-box pname=’air.com.pandazone.littleredhood’ name=’TA: Little Red Riding Hood’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]



Employing a combination of David Allen’s Getting Things Done principles and some secret ingredients, IQTELL promises to deliver a consistent “inbox zero”. You’ll find it merges an assortment of tools and services such as Gmail, calendars, Evernote, projects, and more.

Users can log into the system through a variety of account types but we’re pretty sure you’re most focused about Gmail. With that in mind, you can also start from scratch with an IQTELL account. – READ MORE

[pb-app-box pname=’com.iqtell.app’ name=’IQTELL Email app and GTD®’ theme=’dark’ lang=’en’]



So your contract is up and you’re ready to switch to a new carrier, eh? Or, maybe you’ve gotten so aggravated with your providers data speeds that you’re ready to call it quits.  Before you sign any long-term agreements or commit to a particular wireless carrier, try out Glove.

Using crowdsourced data the app is able to determine which network gives you the best reception. Not only does Glove make a recommendation but it even hands the user off to the carrier, making it easy to switch. – READ MORE

[pb-app-box pname=’com.glove’ name=’Glove – A Network That Fits’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]



If you are a shopaholic then Flipp is a must-have-app for you. It’s an app that aggregates retail flyers from all of your favorite local stores such as Target, Macy’s, Sports Authority and Dollar General. Combined, this list is available on your smartphone; making it easy for you plan your shopping.

Offering digital flyers from at least 190 local stores in the US and 80 local stores in Canada, Flipp is an app that will literally innovate the way you shop. If you are interested, download it by clicking the link below. – READ MORE

[pb-app-box pname=’com.wishabi.flipp’ name=’Flipp: Flyers and Weekly Ads’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

MTV Artists


If you’re anything like we are, then you know that browsing Google and Wikipedia tirelessly when researching a musician or band can get pretty difficult. With MTV Artists, though, you have everything at your immediate disposal. They’ve taken everything and compiled it into one go-to app for anything related to your favorite musician or band.

MTV Artists lets you use Sound ID, and even a lyric search to find that one song that’s been on your mind since you heard it at a friend’s house or on the radio. It also lets you search through an abundance of free music videos/songs to stream, biographies, and even live concert pictures of the particular artist. You can get it at the Play Store for free, and be an expert on any musical artist in minutes! – READ MORE

[pb-app-box pname=’com.mtvn.MTVMusicMeter’ name=’MTV Artists’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

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