Editor’s Picks: 15 Android apps you should know (May 10)

GravyBot HD

GravyBot HD

Ever dream of being a robot that just jumped around, free-styling it through levels? Well, GravyBot HD has the answer to fill that void in your life.

Basically you are a robot. You start the game by choosing your color and then you must jump your way through various levels. The robot is able to jump off the floor and certain obstacles, however, you must be sure to land on your feet. If you crash out and land awkwardly, you die and must restart the level. GravyBot HD is a free, ad-supported game on the Google Play Store. Future updates will add more levels. – READ MORE

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Versus 1

Versus does one thing, and it does it very well. It’s a comparison engine that’s super easy to use. Type in the name of both devices you’re comparing, and check out the results. Swipe to each side of the devices shown to view the winning specifications. If you scroll down far enough, you can see users’ submissions as well. To submit your own reason, pull down on the spec sheet, like you would normally do to refresh.

Versus compares phones, tablets, cameras, and much, much more. It’s super easy to use, and offers it in a beautiful way. – READ MORE

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Distiller header

If you’ve never come in contact with different types of whiskey, it’s very hard to pick the right one. You may find yourself staring at a shelf for too long before deciding on something you have no idea about. Besides, whiskey can get pretty pricey, so maybe it’s best to know what you’re getting yourself into. Distiller is here to help you choose the right whiskey for the right occasion.

The Distiller recommendation engine factors in tens-of-thousands of different points to analyze different flavor profiles, price, reputation, and “giftability” of a whiskey name. It’s a beautifully designed app that’s functional and informative. It’s basically a mobile-optimized version of the website, Drinkdistiller.com. – READ MORE

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Who doesn’t enjoying plugging into their phone and turning on their favorite tunes? I know there is nothing like shutting out the world and just getting lost in some of my favorite songs.  However, I never thought if I was truly getting the music experience until FlipBeats arrived!

FlipBeats takes the music experience to a whole new level by implementing a “studio listening experience” through a variety of equalizers.  You can also have predetermined equalizer modes based upon what you are listening to, so if you have some serious bass or lots of treble, you can really bring out the sound.  Even if your music is blasting through a bluetooth speaker or hooked up to your stereo via headphone jack, you can adjust the sound settings for the size room you have. – READ MORE

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Ever wonder why you’re not getting any work done? Or, perhaps you’re trying to figure out why your smartphone battery dies so quickly. Maybe you want to see how much Flappy Bird you’re getting in versus productivity apps. Guess what… there’s an app for that, and it goes by the name of Frequency.

The free version checks frequency every thirty seconds, delivering the data in half minute increments. Should you go pro you can toggle the frequency and fine-tune the app. We can imagine this would be helpful if you’re billing a client for time spent within a particular app. Those who work on a tablet may find this convenient for photo editing tools or writing/CMS scenarios. Also, toggling to a less-frequent ping can help get your battery to last longer.

We’ve seen monitoring apps for data and general usage but few of them look as sharp as Frequency. We like the layout of the app, its simplicity, and its overall aim. – READ MORE

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