Editor’s Picks: 15 of our favorite Android apps and games (May 28)

    Welcome to the Editor’s Picks, where we have filed through various apps and games in an attempt to curate a list of 15 of the best to present to you! We find it to be our duty to help you determine what is worth downloading on to your precious device, and what will just waste your internal storage. We can’t get all the amazing apps into one story, but we hope that we’ve gotten the most useful/entertaining/etc in this list!

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    Timely Alarm Clock


     Timely is an alarm clock not just for one device, but another, and another! Unlike most alarm apps for Android you can sync Timely to several of your devices, and set the alarm form the device of your choice. When the alarm goes off, you simply press “snooze” on the device closest to you, and all the devices the alarm was set for will “snooze!”

    The app is beautiful, and has a great sense of style. It will be a welcome addition to your device that you won’t want to get rid of! Its elegance only adds to its infinite usefulness. Trust us, you will always need an alarm clock, Timely just does it better than the rest.

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    PEEK - 03182014 PNG RELEASE TEXT

     Peek is an app that was originally derived from the custom build Paranoid Android. It is similar technology to Motorola’s Active Display in that it brings up notifications based on your movement. If the sensors pick up movement, the screen lights up to display whatever notification you may have.

    This app is extremely helpful for those times you miss a notification, and take a quick peek (ha, get it?) at your phone to check it. It saves time and hassle! The only downside is that because it doesn’t use hardware specifically meant for the process, it does eat up a bit of battery utilizing the sensors. However, for such a handy app we can hardly count it down for such a thing!

    You can find an article over the Paranoid Android version of this app here.

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    Monument Valley


     Do you like a little optical illusion with your Android games? Well so do we, and luckily Monument Valley is here to provide! Monument Valley puts you in the character of Ida, a princess who has entered a dream-like world where she travels from point to point in an attempt to solve puzzles. Ida has no voice or face, so you are somewhat left to fill-in the blanks with her story!

    The game has beautiful graphics, and an ethereal soundtrack that help to keep you entranced in the puzzle-solving levels. All of the stages are designed extremely well, and genuinely fun to play. Monument Valley does the puzzle genre justice, and is deserving of its $3.99 price tag!

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    Lux Auto Brightness


     Most Android phones of today are equipped with an auto-brightness feature, but do they really work the way they should? Lux Auto Brightness would argue that they don’t! Lux brings a competent brightness control to your phone that, given the right adjustments, can really do your phone some good!

    Stock auto-brightness can often be fidgity and unreliable, but Lux is not this way. Lux will effortlessly transition between light and dim situations, and go even beyond that. The creator even gives you the option to request a refund within a week of your purchase of the app if you don’t like it! Not to mention there’s also a “Lite” version for those who need it. Try it out and see the difference for yourself!

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    Flappy Bird seems to have become the new rating for how frustrating a game can be, and Fives comes through in the same vein. Modeled after the popular iOS game “Threes,” Fives uses the same basic concept. It is a puzzle game where you combine similar numbers. For example, you can combine 2 and 3, but not 2 and 2, or 3 and 3.

    The basis sounds simple enough, but trust us it is not! The game can quickly become frustrating and confusing. It definitely fills the hole that Flappy Bird left in us as far as frustrating games go, therefore Fives makes a good substitute until it is brought back!

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