Editor’s Picks: 15 of our favorite Android apps and games (May 28)

    Pocket Tanks


    Pocket Tanks is based off of an early 90’s game that most of us loved and enjoyed. You don’t have to have the nostalgia to play this game, though, just a good sense of fun! The gameplay is fairly simple, you control a tank as does the computer. The game generates a random terrain and you are dropped in a random spot. Once started it is a back-and-forth between you and the computer!

    There are 10 weapons that you can choose, or have the game randomly select for you. You simply select an angle and how much power to give the shot, and then fire! Fair warning: we found that on full difficulty the computer hit every time, which is alright because it makes things interesting. Just make sure that your skills are apt enough to keep up!

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    Yahoo News Digest


    While this may seem like any other news app out there, Yahoo has shown with this app that they can create a unique news reading experience with cool animations that’ll make you keep going back to it. On average, the app will give you 8-12 stories in the morning and evening, all from different categories. It will also notify you when the stories are ready to read – a feature many news readers don’t have.
    The app tallies how many of the articles you have read, and once you have read all of them, a fun little animation will bring you to a fun fact about one of the articles and a link that lets you read more news for today. Seriously, we love the animations in this app. – READ MORE

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    Robots Love Ice Cream


    Fun and cartoon-like, this one begs for you to play it over and over. Maybe it’s the three star stuff that we love about games like Angry Birds, maybe it’s the power-ups. Maybe it’s the vibrant environment and cute characters… or the ongoing objectives. Maybe it’s.. well, you get the point.

    Simple to pick up and hard to put down, you’ll soon be upgrading your weapons and vehicle as you hope take on the robots and avoid the traps.

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    Lift – Your Daily Coach


    Everybody needs that push to do things they don’t always want to do. Pullups, pushups, drinking a gallon of water, no carbs in the evening, and meditating are things that can be extremely beneficial to you, and Lift would like to help you do them every day or on a consistent basis.

    Lift- Daily Motivation is a simple app that contains many goals you can choose from to get started with, and put a check mark next to the ones you complete each day. Each goal is designed to start slow and progress as you do, creating a very fulfilling experience. The main goal in this app is to complete tasks in as many consecutive days as possible. – READ MORE

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    Super Hexagon


    This is a true mobile game that’s easy to pick up and start playing. However, it is VERY difficult and you’re likely not to get past 20-30 seconds of the game without failing. You have to tap the left or right side of the screen to turn in the direction of open space in an ever collapsing arena or you will crash.

    If you remember earlier in the list we brought up that the game Fives was a likely alternative to Flappy Bird. Well, this would definitely be a close contender as well. In a world full of frustrating games, we think that this is one of the best. See if you can beat our high score of 26!

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