Many of us live by a schedule. We have many things to do, and most of us are not lucky enough to have a personal assistant or a secretary to keep track of our schedules. Keeping track of those events doesn’t have to be as difficult as remembering everything anymore with the plethora of calendar apps in the Google Play Store.

Last week, we assembled five apps to help you wake up. Now that you can get up on time, you should be able to start keeping to your schedule with one of the five apps we have listed below.

Keep track of events, weather, tasks, and more with these five Calendar apps:

Note: All calendars featured are compatible with Google Calendar. Click on the name of the app for the link to the Google Play Store.

  • Gesture based UI – swipe between month, week, day, and agenda
  • Multiple themes – including in-app purchases
  • $4.49 Premium
  • Relatively unique aesthetic, for a calendar app

  • $4.99 Premium
  • Includes To Do List and Notes
  • Hybrid Day/Month View
  • Premium Features: Search function, Weekly Planner, Projects and Recurrence

  • Gorgeous UI
  • Local weather built-in
  • Google Tasks integration
  • Export as iCal file

  • Simple, clean UI. Very few features
  • Built-in functionality to import sports, holidays, etc.
  • Calendar sharing
  • Vertical and Horizontal date viewing

  • Stock Android.
  • Multiple views: Daily, Three Day, Weekly, Monthly.
  • Quick-replies built-in.
  • Automatically pulls tasks from Gmail.
  • My personal favorite.


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