Keeping up with the latest in technology is great, but sometimes it’s fun go old school. You probably still think back enthusiastically about that first smartphone, the one that truly made an impression on you, thus turning you into a diehard Android fan.

Well wouldn’t it be great with Android OEMs would re-release some of their most popular smartphones as “retro” phones? We would certainly love to see that happen and here are a few models we’d be super excited to see make a comeback on the market. Adapted to the present era, of course.

HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1

Once upon a time a small Palo Alto-based mobile software company going by the name of Android Inc. was absorbed by Google’s expanding empire. Three years later, the first-ever Google phone saw the light of day.

The HTC Dream marked another milestone – it was the first to run Android. And after only six months on the market, Android became a threatening presence to major smartphone platforms of the time, including Symbian, BlackBerry OS and iOS.

The HTC Dream featured a touchscreen as well as a sliding, physical AZERTY keyboard. The inclusion of the keyboard was intentional, as most users back then were not familiar with a touchscreen display and did not like the idea of a keyboard-less device.

A retro version of the HTC Dream with updated specs would be like unearthing a relic from Google’s and Android’s past and we’re sure many users would be interested in buying one, even if only to relieve the glory of old times past.

The HTC Dream or T-Mobile G1, however you want to call it marks Google’s first step toward the mobile market domination it enjoys today, so it has secured itself a place in mobile history.

Motorola Photon Q


Since we’re reminiscing about smartphones featuring a slider keyboard, anyone remember the Motorola Photon Q?

The device was sold under Sprint and run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box. Later on an update to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean was released. According to reviewers, the Motorola Photon Q featured one of the best keyboards of its time and was a big highlight for the Android developer community.

In an age where users are losing their interest in phones with physical keyboards, a renewed Motorola Photon Q might put sliders back into the spotlight.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc


Lovers of atypical smartphones really loved the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, as the phone’s physical design was clearly targeted at fashion-conscious buyers. Back when it launched in 2011, the Xperia Arc was the first of Sony’s portfolio to land a “big” 4.2-inch display.

It’s curved back case is what made the Xperia Arc stand out six years ago and we believe it could still do so today. The phone shipped out with Android 2.3 Gingerbread out of the box and did not feature a search button. The search functions were activated by long-pressing on the menu button.

Would you see yourself rocking a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc today?

HTC Legend



Speaking of interesting design, many people loved the HTC Legend for this exact very reason. The phone was released back in 2010 and captured the hearts of customers thanks to its aluminum unibody and its slimmer form factor (compared to its predecessor).

At release the unit shipped out with Android 2.1 Éclair and had a removable battery which slid out from a component located at the bottom of the bottom.

The phone is also worthy to be mentioned, because it includeded the much praised optical trackpad – an improved version of the analogue trackpad present on the HTC Hero.

There are many users today who would love to see the trackpad make a return, so a retro HTC Legend could certainly attract a lot of attention if it were to be released in 2017.

Nexus 4


The Nexus 4 saw the light of day in 2012 and users loved it so much the phone reached some sort of cult status.

A Nexus 4 (2017) version will certainly excite a lot of Android diehard fans. Google would have to keep the same characteristic shape and back texture of the original Nexus 4, but maybe make the phone a bit slimmer. Maybe add today’s specs, camera, battery and Android 7.0 Nougat onboard and many would rush to purchase it.

Any thoughts? What smartphones would you like to see get a retro edition or a new 2017 reiteration?

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  1. The LG G3 was form factor perfection for me. Small bezels, curved back, removable battery, SD card.

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