Get 1TB cloud storage and lots of security with SpiderOak ONE

    If you’re into the mobile scene, there are two things you need the most: storage and security. There are some mobile devices that promise a “theoretical” 2TB of microSD card storage, but there are no 2TB microSD cards available for purchase at the moment. If you’re going to find 2TB of storage, you’ll have to resort to the cloud.

    Often, the “cloud” doesn’t show a single ray of sunshine because few cloud storage providers offer anything remotely close to 2TB of cloud storage. Most will offer 2GB-5GB of storage, some 10GB, 50GB, and 100GB, but there are few providers that offer unlimited cloud storage (Amazon does for photos only). Google offers unlimited photo storage for even iPhones and iPads, but again, no storage for documents and files.

    Microsoft has given away 1TB of cloud storage, along with Zoolz. If you’re not a fan of either 1TB provider and are looking for the same comparable cloud storage and internet security to protect your data while you’re at it, look no further than our Deal of the Day, SpiderOak ONE 1TB Cloud Storage.

    SpiderOak ONE will provide 1TB of cloud storage while keeping your files safe. If you’re a user of multiple mobile platforms (Windows Mobile, Android, and ChromeOS on Chromebooks, for example), SpiderOak will sync your content between all three platforms without trouble.

    It is platform-agnostic, meaning that it won’t shut out other platforms because of one preferred. If you don’t want to leave a trail of your shared documents, you can create temporary links that self-destruct after you share them with others. The 2TB Cloud Storage solution Degoo Ultimate has double the cloud storage and an unlimited subscription, but doesn’t promise as much security.

    Right now, SpiderOak’s ONE 1TB Cloud Storage is going for $39.99, 69% off its original $129 retail price, but this is a 1-year subscription (just keep that in mind).

    Don’t leave yourself a victim to limited local storage on smartphones and tablets; get more cloud storage and enhanced privacy by heading over to the SpiderOak ONE 1TB Cloud Storage offer above. You’ll have peace of mind and lots of storage to boot.