Talk to any person who loves Android, and you’re bound to come across the topic of Nexus. Hell, they’ll probably even own one, if not several of the popular devices. It’s no secret that the Nexii that run pure Android are amongst the, if not the, most popular devices that Android lovers can get their hands on.

And there’s a good reason behind that. The Nexus range boasts pure Android, receives speedy software updates, offers some of the greatest hardware and packs a great all-round experience. It’s no wonder they’re the epitome of the ideal Android device.

But what if they could be better? What if Google dedicated more time, more resources and more energy into the Nexus devices, themselves? Here’s exactly why it may be a good idea for Google to take matters entirely into its own hands.

Selecting vendors takes too long

Depending on the phone and amount of people working on it, it can take anywhere between several months to several years to get a working final product. With a device like Nexus, it’s easy to imagine that this time frame is on the longer side. Google cannot afford to bumble about, choosing a manufacturer while they could have already begun internally designing it. If it takes several months to choose a vendor, that’s several months lost. Admittedly, I cannot remember a specific incident of this, but as quite a lot goes on inside of Google, I’m sure they have suffered from this several times without the world knowing.

Also, when a new vendor is chosen, that means a whole new design process. The design is started from scratch, meaning even more time is required.

They may be scared and reluctant to leave manufacturers out, but even Microsoft makes its own phones. It’s easy to imagine that Google has the necessary resources at hand to design a phone from beginning to end.

Nexus 6P Speakers

Google can control manufacturing numbers

When Google gets another company to design and build the phone, the build numbers are within Google’s control, but it is ultimately up to the vendor where the phones are built and who they are built by. This can sometime result in disaster, like when Motorola built the Nexus 6. Motorola could not keep up with the insane demand and this resulted in a massive backlog of orders along with disgruntled Nexus users.

What if Google decided where their phones were built? Given a higher priority, it’s likely they would properly source a producer, or even better, build their own factory. Faster production translates into better sales and customer satisfaction -and ultimately a happier us. This is evident with their production of Chromebooks which Google themselves speared.

Nexus 6P fingerprint reader.
Nexus 6P fingerprint reader.

Google can compete in hardware against Apple

Let’s face it: Apple is in a different league than Android because they concentrate their efforts equally into hardware and software. I’m not saying that Apple is better, I’m simply saying that, in my opinion, their end product is better rounded.

I’m aware of the fact that Google is mostly a software company, but they are very capable of producing hardware. The Pixel range from their Chromebooks is again an excellent example of this.

If Google did both hardware and software, and scrutinized Android and optimized it especially for one or two dedicated Nexus devices themselves, I believe the two companies would be on a equal playing level. The Nexus line would be improve while putting Android in a better spot. Third party manufacturers would of course then have to modify Android for their devices. That’s what they’re doing now anyway.


Better support and service

Although the general support for Android devices is relatively acceptable, I believe that if Google were to take matters into their own hands, they’ll offer an outstanding customer service. They already send out super-speedy software updates and serve all their customers well. Granted that they take matters into their owns hand, Nexus users may become a whole lot happier.

Nexus 6 tap to wake

I believe that those are the main points to be covered regarding this subject. Do you think that Google should take over the manufacturing of their Nexus lines or not? What makes you think so?

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  1. I agree completely. While the Nexus line has been improving greatly over time I also believe it would be that much better getting “Pixelized” or more “Googlefied”.

  2. On the other hand, having OEMs create the Nexus also brings more vendors into the limelight that can help sell more Android handsets. Look what the 6P did for sales to Huawei. Nexus phones seem to be a spin off of a company’s existing flagship phone.

    Carrying your thought further, why not have Google create a Pixel phone and keep the Nexus line a way to get OEMs involved? A pixel phone, like the Pixel Chromebook, could be a top of the line with all the latest technologies (at a premium, of course). I don’t see Nexus sales in the top percentile so create a flagship Pixel to showcase the future of Android but keep the Nexus as is.

  3. This would be great! Don’t get me wrong here, but the Nexus line isn’t for us nearly as much as it is to try and progress Android phones as a whole. Whenever a new Nexus is released all the OEMs see what their phone should have, what the specs should be, etc. It also seems that Google picks the companies wisely not for them maybe producing the best product ever, but more of a let’s keep them alive in the market. They brought Huawei to the US with great force and they’ve kept Motorola’s ever decreasing share of smart phones still going.

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