In Brief: 8 Android-related things you should know (March 8, 2013)

    In Brief is a compilation of notifications, rumors, photos, videos, infographics, and Android-related news tidbits which, for whatever reason, did not end up with a post of its own on AndroidGuys. These are things that we still feel are worth knowing, even if in a passing manner. Consider it a grab-bag of Android goodies. If you have something that you think is worth a mention on AndroidGuys, be sure to reach out to us via our contact page.

    This week features XSEED’S Ark of the Ages, A Sir Lancelot’s Armor kickstarter project, the Embrace+ smart bracelet, Tango celebrates 100 million users, Norton for your phone, SafeApp Mobility for developers, and much, much more!


    Let’s start this week off right. Have you been looking for a fun and inexpensive RPG to play during those long and tedious meetings at work? (I mean in your free time, of course.) XSEED Games released their  company’s first mobile title, Ark of the Ages, for Android devices via Google Play this week. For just $1.99, players will dive deep into a series of mysterious dungeons in search of loot, prosperity, and furious battle. For more information, fan can visit


    Have you ever found yourself so furious that you decided to throw your phone in a fit of rage across the room? If so, this next idea won’t help, but it could become useful if you have a problem with screens cracking or chipping! Sir Lancelot’s Armor is looking for generous people to help them with their next project, The Holy Grail Series of screen protectors. If you’ve been looking for a screen protector that is easy to install, bubble free, and almost impossible to scratch, then Sir Lancelot’s Armor thinks they have the solution. Go to to check out their kickstarter project!


    How often do you find yourself looking at your phone or tablet? If you are like me, it is a lot. Almost to the point of addiction. Thanks to two guys in Seattle, continuously checking your device may become a thing of the past. They have come up with a device called EMBRACE+, a notification bracelet for iPhone and Android. Users simply download the EMBRACE+ app on their smartphone, customize alerts, and wear the smart notification bracelet. The bracelet will then light up and notify users of calls, emails, text messages, activity on social networks, calendar events and more while they lead their busy lives. To purchase a prototype or help these guys with their kickstarter campaign, check out


    On Thursday, Tango announced it had passed 100 million members registered across the multiple platforms and devices it supports. That is 100 million users who are sending free text messages, playing games, and making free phone and video calls with others. Congrats to Tango on this huge milestone!


    Remember how fast your device ran when you first got it? Then you added all those cool new games and apps and realized the honeymoon was over. Well, thanks to Norton by Symantec, you can easily maintain and keep in control of your mobile device with Resource Hog and Madware Monitor. Resource Hog evaluates apps based on power and memory usage, and with Madware Monitor, users can search for an app and determine the “Potential Annoyance Level” for each. For more info on these free widgets, check out this video with Dave Kim, senior product manager of mobile products at Norton by Symantec.



    Mobile app privacy is a huge issue, and many are starting to voice their concerns. App users are becoming more reluctant when it comes to downloading apps because they worry about the security of their personal information. Thanks to SafeApp Mobility, Inc. those concerns can hopefully be muted as they announced the availability of the SafeApp Certificate, a simple, affordable certification process developers can use to show users their app is safe to download and use. Certification is free for those Android apps with less than 100,000 users (approximately 99% of all Android apps), and priced competitively for others. Visit to check it out.


    Let’s forget about the serious stuff for a moment and get back to games. On Wednesday, Kiloo Games, in partnership with SYBO Games, released Subway Surfer’s. This game is the first to take AAA game developers with console and PC backgrounds and pair them with a team that has free-to-play mobile development experience. So far, it looks like it works. With 130 million downloads and 25 million daily active users, as well as retention rates that are triple the industry average, this game has hit a milestone for sure. Subway Surfers is available for free on iOSAndroid and Amazon.


    And to wrap things up, let’s talk about wireless connectivity. How many times have you been stuck with no internet or a slow mobile connection? Even now-a-days it is still a major issue. On Monday, Open Garden rolled out a completely new release of its groundbreaking software application that distributes mobile Wi-Fi access anywhere, anytime. Open Garden 2.0 leverages multiple devices and Wi-Fi connections and uses all available internet signals at the same time to deliver a consistent mobile internet connection. So how much does it cost? That is the best part. Open Garden 2.0 is available free of charge in Google Play, and anyone can download Open Garden for Android, Mac, or Windows at






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