Blu Products is one of our favourite trendy brands featuring a variety of devices to meet the needs of smartphone consumers alike. AndroidGuys had a chance to have some of our top questions answered by BLU’s Chief Executive Officer, Samuel Ohev-Zion.

Our Questions Answered

In a growing world of “bigger is better” and “spec wars”, what products that you offer provides the best of all Blu devices?

We think the spec wars will become quickly irrelevant and disconnected from the consumer mindset, as people will start to ask “what device is good enough” and look for value, since we’re starting to see the performance of product priced at $200 or even lower, match up just fine with $600-$700 flagships. With this in mind, we will have several devices in this price range able to provide incredible value.

As a company that produces many devices, stylistically, what does Blu best showcase?

We best showcase giving consumers the freedom to choose what style fits them best. No one else does that. So the fact we have such a variety of appealing handsets and in amazing colors already puts us ahead of the competition.

When a company releases quite a few devices a year, a valid question that many consumers have is regarding software updates. What is the current BLU Products stance regarding software updates and upgrades for security patches (if applicable) and to newer versions of Android?

Several of our older Life Series and Studio Series will get kit-kat updates very soon. It’s impossible to update every single device, but that’s something we are committed towards improving. The good news is that BLU resale value is high. You can sell your used BLU device on Amazon. eBay, or even to a friend for almost the same price you paid for it. So if you desperately need the latest Android Version, sell your old BLU device, and go get a brand new BLU device with the latest OS version.

While many know Blu as a company that sells affordable lower to mid-range devices, what misconceptions, if any, can we clear up about the market of “spec wars” and what Blu has to offer?

We don’t get into spec wars. Our focus is creating a product that consumers can be proud to own, and show off, and passionate about.

In higher end unlocked devices that Blu offers, can consumers soon expect LTE network capability moving forward?

We will have at least 6 different LTE models launched before October 2014.

We at AndroidGuys have seen pretty amazing devices this year, and have had the pleasure of reviewing select phones. How does Blu answer to the current smartphone market and market demographics?

We have a vast portfolio that has a perfect device suited for everyone no matter their preferences. So plenty of answers for market available.

A question that has plagued our readers is about select Blu devices that seemingly are doubles of other devices, such as the Blu Life Pure XL and the Gionee Elife E7. We wanted to set the record straight with the following question. We asked the following:

What relationships does Blu Products have with distributors such as Gionee of India, and how do this benefit the end consumer?

Gionee India is a subsidiary of the Gionee parent company in China. This is a great partnership, where Gionee and BLU are able to co-develop exciting products together and obtain large volumes for production by leveraging our strength in different sales territories. By uniting BLU’s sales strength in the Western Hemisphere with Gionee’s sales strength in the East such as China and India, our combined efforts allow us to source and secure the best components and technologies available in the world today, which otherwise would have not been possible.

What type of developmental supports are used to help or allow development by 3rd Party developers for BLU Software? Is development either encouraged or discouraged?

At this time, we are focused on the user experience for our consumers by optimizing our BLU software internally. In the future 3rd party developers will be something we will be looking at, but not in our short term focus.

A growing trend in many smartphone markets is creating waterproof, drop proof, water resistant, and or MIL 810G spec devices, perhaps is there anything in the pipelines that we can show AndroidGuys readers about who are more prone to damaging their devices?

Of course we are always working on these types of devices, such as last year’s water and dust proof Tank 4.5 device with IP67 certification. We will continue to focus on that, so your readers will have to tune in and see what the future holds in store.

Blu’s Life Pure Series has really hit the ground running, and we’ll be working with Blu Products and parent company CT-Miami to showcase and review select devices offered by Blu in the future. We’re excited to see what devices are next from this extraordinary company. Learn how ‘There’s a BLU for YOU!’ at their website.

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  1. If it is “impossible to update every single device” then you are making too many different devices! You are gathering new customers at the expense of your existing customers. This has doomed many companies in the past. If I have to sell my blu phone because you artificially made it obsolete you can bet I won’t be buying another. Only an idiot would follow that course.

  2. Interesting, Apple has no problem with updates, nor with communications with customers (a free good faith approach) . After this interview I will sell my blu phone go back to apple. Since basically that was the CEO’s advice. This idiot make Latin Americas look like crap.

    • The main reason why is because they only have one boring device with no major updates… If you are coming from Apple and expect quality that surpasses by far the Apple devices get an HTC one m8 it’s the most advanced phone up to date

  3. Blu has gone crazy with constantly adding devices. Choice of phones isn’t an issue, function is what’s required. They seem to be skipping that part.

  4. Blu is all about lies. Blu promises updates, but never delivers. 90% of their devices never receive any updates. Even after posting on their website that all Life series phones will be updated it still never happened.

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