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    Learning is a lifetime endeavor. Sure, you can always get a degree (knowledge is power, no doubt), but you’ll continue learning after the degree because you’ll never get a firm grasp on everything in life.

    Web developers understand this better than anyone because of the changing web technologies and the tech scene in general. Six months can make a huge difference in web development, with changes occurring at the speed of light.

    Tech, like time, waits for no one. That’s why you’ll always need web developer courses. Even a few refresher courses can prove beneficial along the way. To this end, OSTraining is offering a lifetime subscription containing numerous courses, classes, and over 3,000 video tutorials for 97% off at just $59.99.

    With OSTraining, you’ll learn how to master WordPress and utilize JavaScript and HTML. Drupal, the best website-building software in the business (and used by organizations such as Sony and Whitehouse.gov), will be at your disposal. WooCommerce and Magneto will improve your ecommerce development, and you’ll receive certificates as you complete courses and training. You don’t need coding, but you’ll learn a little of that, too.

    One can always grab a lifetime of knowledge in testing centers and organizations, but few get the luxury of learning at home or at leisure (or even at the beach, for that matter). Grab this lifetime subscription of developer courses while supplies last. Now you can be a lifetime learner for less.