So, you have a shiny new Huawei Nexus 6P. How do you make the most of it? How do you protect it? It’s been hard sledding trying to find a wide range of accessories so far. These are by no means Samsung or Apple phones where you can find hundreds of cases, screen protectors, and cables in a ton of designs and variations.


In a previous post, I declared this USB Type-C dock my favorite Nexus accessory, but here are some more contenders for the crown.


USB tyep-C Dock smallOur first dock is a universal USB Type-C dock that can handle other phones like the OnePlus 2, Nexus 5X and Lenovo Zuk Z1 as well as the Nexus 6P.

The dock attaches to a wall brick with an included USB cable so you don’t have to supply your own. Your phone sits in the slot and attaches via a USB type-C connector to charge.

While the base doesn’t appear to be very heavy, this can easily be fixed by some double sided tape. The dock comes in five colors and ships from the US (no lengthy shipping times!)

eBay: USB type-C dock

The Stouch USB type-C dock functions similar to the previous entry in our list, but looks a little more substantial. I love the lip that comes up over the bottom bezel of the phone to keep it a little more stable. The Stouch dock shares three of the four colors that the Nexus 6P comes in- silver, gold, and black. Thanks to prime shipping, this great dock will be at your house in just two days!

stouch USB type c dock

Amazon: Stouch USB type-C dock


The Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper is highly regarded among customers for excellent protection for their phones. The Bumper adds almost no bulk to the phone (less than .1″ thick), yet provides protection for falls that would otherwise damage the sides of your Nexus. The bumper extends slightly above the screen to protect it in case of small falls as well. You can pick up the Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper in one of one of four stylish colors that look beautiful on the Nexus 6P.

rhino shield

Speck Candyshell grip caseSpeck is one of the most popular names in cell phone accessories- and for a good reason! These cases can be found in huge chains like Best Buy because they offer a combination of looks and protection for a very fair price.

I love the look of their Candyshell Grip case because it adds a hint of design without being too gaudy. Not to mention the added grip. When you have a larger phone like a Nexus 6P, it can be tough to get a good grip, and cases like this definitely help due to their raised rubber ridges.

The Candyshell Grip case meets the MIL-STD-810G drop test to ensure your Nexus 6P is protected from drops!

Next up on our list is another one of the biggest names in smartphone accessories: Spigen. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for the Nexus 6P is one of the most popular cases for our beloved Nexus because it combines awesome protection with a clear case that shows off the phone’s design.

The clear hard polycarbonate and flexible TPU bumper case protects all sides of the phone from drops and shocks while adding almost no bulk at all. The cutouts are big enough for you to use any kind of third party cable you want, and the raised lip makes sure your screen won’t take direct impacts on a face-down fall.

Spigen ultra hybrid

If you’re looking for some serious protection, this may be the case for you. This slim hard hybrid kickstand provides serious protection without making the phone too big. The kickstand will be great when you’re viewing media and listening to your front-facing speakers.

The hybrid case has a shock-absorbing bumper and a hard shell to protect your Nexus from falls, and comes in five awesome colors. And, it’s pretty cheap!

slim hybrid case

eBay: Slim Hard Hybrid Kickstand Protective Phone Cover

Screen Protectors

Pleson’s tempered glass screen protector is currently sitting at a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon with 723 customer ratings. That’s pretty impressive.

This tempered glass screen protector has a cutout for the proximity sensor as well as for the speakers on top and bottom. It has a 99.9% clarity, and the edges are rounded to keep the screen protector from coming up from the display.

The oleophobic coating keeps fingerprints at a minimum, and the shatter protection makes sure that if the screen protector breaks, the pieces won’t be sharp and cut you.

pleson screen protector

Amazon: Pleson tempered glass screen protector

If you want to keep what you’re browsing to your eyes only, you may want to check out this Clear Privacy tempered glass screen protector from Fosmon.

When looking at the phone from dead center, the screen protector is clear, but as the angle increases, the visibility decreases. The tempered glass screen protector is only .33mm thick and is rated at a 9H hardness. Not only does it have 2.5D rounded corners, but it also has an oleophobic coating to cut down on fingerprints!

fosmon privacy screen protector

eBay: Fosmon HD Clear Privacy tempered glass screen protector


You have two options when it comes to cables for the Nexus 6P. You can buy USB type-A to USB type-C cables and continue to use the power bricks you already own, or you can buy USB type-C to USB type-C cables and get new USB type-C compliant wall bricks. The first option doesn’t require you to buy anything other than the cable, but the latter will provide faster charging speeds.

First up, we have a three pack of USB type-A to USB type-C cables for only $20. The Cable Matters cables are braided and come in three color combinations that all look great (I’m partial to the white cable with gold accents). In this combo pack, you get three 6.6 foot long cables that should get from your wall to your seat or bed very comfortably. The braided cables should last for a long time since it will be hard to cut these badboys.

cable matters usb a to c

Amazon: Cable Matters USB type-A to type-C three pack

Orzly’s four pack of USB type-C to USB type-C cables are a great value. Coming in at only $20 at the time of publication, the one-meter cables comes in four distinct colors: black, red, gray, and lime green. These cables will provide you with the fastest possible charging times, but you may need to pick up a USB type-C wall adapter to use them. These cables come with a 12-month warranty.

orzly usb type c to c cables

Amazon: Orzly USB type-C to USB type-C four pack

That wraps up our list! What are your favorite accessories for the new Nexus devices? Let us know down in the comments what you have to make the most out of your Phone!

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  1. Neither of those docks have been approved by Benson. I won’t touch them.

    I have a Spigen ultra thin case and love it. Also have an Orzly clear case which is nice, but scratches easily. Would like to try the Spigen ultra hybrid clear case, but prefer having cutouts for the volume rocker and power button. I can’t seem to find one that has that and a cutout for the entire visor.

    • I agree I wouldn’t touch the docks at all. People do not realize they could destroy there phone with non approved USB devices. Some are not even at the right level at 3amp draw it would cause issues. I would wait for Benson to approve a dock (or any USB c device) before jumping into accessories. We as a community are pretty lucky to have him doing all this work.

        • I bought one where I have to plug in my existing cable into the dock. Because the cable is already the one that came with my Nexus 5X, it supplys the correct amount of power.

          • Be cautious still. Several of the dangerous cables have the wires completely miswired, and in a dock, the wires between your cable and the connector that plugs into your phone could be miswired. Honestly, its just not worth the risk to me to buy any USB-c product that Benson hasn’t approved. Not saying they’re all bad, but I don’t have another $600+ to replace my phone with.

  2. I’m having trouble finding a affordable USB C charger for the Nexus 6p. So far, only Google has one for $24.

    • Look for soneic charger on Amazon… It’s recommended by Benson and it’s basically the same exact one that comes with the 6P.

    • No offense, but your phone cost how much? And you’re concerned about spending five or ten dollars too much for a charger?

      • None taken. But it’s what I perceive as value and what falls under my budget. And I can wait until the adoption increases and the price falls instead of paying the early adopter price. Plus it’s my money and I’d like to part as little of it as possible so I may spend more on what is necessary (economics of choice). Probably what drives inventors to make the cheaper, faster, better solution. It’s a damn charger and should not cost more than 10 bucks. One of the reasons why I don’t buy Apple products. I can’t afford the accessories.

        • _ Tronsmart makes Qualcomm certified chargers. This is one of the best built chargers you can get and does fast charging through the dedicated type-c port. It doesn’t come with a cable though.

          • Ah, I went through that route. Qualcomm Quick Charge is not compatible with the Huawei Rapid charge. It’s faster than conventional USB but incompatible with the Google spec. It’s a meet me in the middle solution. Anyway, it’s a matter of time before this is picked up by other companies and the price goes down. Was just curious if someone had seen a reasonable version around.

          • You went the Tronsmart route already? I know qualcomm “quick charge” is not compatible with the 6p, but “fast charging” is done at full power using the tronsmart charger.

          • No problem at all Sai. I strictly stick with Tronsmart and CHOETECH for my third party chargers and cables. I use them at home, and in the office for all of my type-c devices. Pixel C, G5, 5X and 6P.

            I enjoy your feedback and have learned that there is still a ton of confusion about what actually works with what in regards to type-c.

  3. I hace the spigen rugged armor is the best! I have it and I love the feel in hands and it’s does an excellent job.

  4. Were these products actually tested? The dock from Amazon gets HORRIBLE reviews and the caption says it “looks a little more substantial.” The Orzly cables have no reviews on Amazon. What’s the point of this article if it’s just guess work?
    Also the supcase is very nice. It makes the phone a uniform form factor. I actually have that case and use it AND it gets good reviews.

  5. Any recommendations for VR headset? My previous was Cardboard V1 perfect for my Nexus 5 but gives double vision with Nexus 6P.

  6. Cruzerlite TPU.. best for all around protection & non generic looking..unlike this crapturd assortment. Google store has qulity cases too but pricey.

  7. The last case with the kickstand clearly shows in the photo that it blocks the laser focus next to the flash. I would highly recommend avoiding any case that blocks the laser focus. Also makes me very suspicious of this article and site if they are recommending a case that’s incompatible with a phone….

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