OnePlus is back this year and stronger than ever with the release of the OnePlus 3, it’s high-end flagship quality phone that ships with all the hardware you need including 64GB of storage for almost half the price of similar ranged phones. After watching, check out our full review from Daniel Treccagnoli here.

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  1. “1080p screen therefore you can see pixels if you look close enough” that’s the most stupid comment ever. You would see pixels on a 4k screen if you looked close enough. Don’t believe me, take a 4k screen, put a completely white backdrop down and then put a single black pixel in the centre. Will you see it? Yes of course you can, does that mean 4k resolution isn’t high enough?…no of course not.

    Pure and simple, 1080p screen on a display that’s around 5″ is way as much as you’d want to go. Yes you will always see pixels if you look hard enough but who cares if you can’t really seem them under normal conditions. If everything seems smooth then it’s fine.

    I can understand why some phones may need much higher resolutions for VR purposes which is fine but I think most people don’t use VR so I don’t see why this should be forced upon everyone especially when it has massive impact on battery life which is far more concerning for users than pixels.

    Please do not fuel the pointless spec war as the screen resolution race manufacturers are running are nothing but to line their already deep pockets. It just bemuses by the number of dumb fucking sheep consumers that buy into that bollox without actually realising it is nothing but gimmick and marketing spin.

    • Trust me, I’m with you here. I did mention in the video it wasn’t a big deal to me, however to me it is definitely considered a “con” when you compare the screen to other flagships on the market.

  2. Thanks for this review. I have been reading several reviews on this phone and you are the first person I have seen actually show the phone being used. Thanks for that.

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