Apple Could Fall Victim to Android Like They Did to Microsoft in the 80’s

Featured Opinion Apple Could Fall Victim to Android Like They Did to Microsoft in...

There’s an interesting commentary over at EETimes by Rick Merritt. The piece is called “Apple should clone the iPhone” and echoes a lot of the same sentiment I have in regards to where Apple could be a few years from now. I’ve said it before – Apple should not confine themselves to one unique device. They run the risk of fighting for marketshare a couple of years from now if they only offer one model.

Sure, 10 million phones sounds like a lot. Howver, 2 years from now, there could be a dozen or more Android phones all selling over 1 million units each. Some will come in touch screen form, some in trackball. Merritt believes, like I do, that Apple may be forced to learn some hard lessons all over again.

Here’s a couple of quotes to whet your appetite.

Apple will be struggling to roll out a broad product portfolio that matches the wealth of Android and Windows Mobile systems on the market. Once again they will lack the breadth of the backing of the open alternative, in this case Google’s Android.

Eventually, Apple will be fighting the Google hoards by rolling out a cool new feature here and there, but they will have nothing as compelling as the lower prices and greater diversity of the Android platform.

If you want more, then head to “Apple should clone the iPhone” now.