The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are here! If you preordered from Google or walked into a Verizon store, you probably have your phone already! If you’re planning on picking up one of the new phones, you’ll need to keep it protected. With the higher price this year, it’s even more important that you make sure your phone stays undamaged. We’ve taken a look for accessories and found some compelling options. Here they are!

1Spigen Rugged Armor


Spigen is one of, if not the, most popular name in phone protection right now due to its high-quality cases that provide excellent protection and great aesthetics. The Rugged Armor protects your phone while not adding much of any bulk to the phone. It’s the case I use most often on my Pixel XL.

Product Link (Pixel): Amazon | Spigen
Product Link (Pixel XL): Amazon | Spigen


If Spigen isn’t the biggest name in phone accessories, OtterBox probably is. OtterBox is legendary for its (almost) indestructible cases. If you’re serious about making your phone last for as long as possible and you don’t care about adding some extra bulk, this is the case for you.

Product Link (Pixel): Amazon |  OtterBox
Product Link (Pixel XL): Amazon | OtterBox

3RhinoShield CrashGuard Bumper


If you’re looking for some protection that adds a little less bulk than an Otterbox, the RhinoShield bumper might be for you. The bumper sticks to the sides of the device so it won’t cover up that beautiful glass window on the back, but still provides awesome protection from falls. The CrashGuard is rated for drops of up to 11-feet! That’s crazy!

Product Link (Pixel): Amazon | RhinoShield
Product Link (Pixel XL): Amazon | RhinoShield

4Incipio Carnaby


The Incipio Carnaby is something a little different. It’ll protect your phone just as well as any other case, but it looks really cool too. The cotton finish atop of the hard plastic case will be sure to turn some heads and start some conversations.

Product Link (Pixel): Amazon | Incipio
Product Link (Pixel XL): Amazon | Incipio

5Caseology Parallax Series


The Caseology Parralx cases are some of the coolest you’ll find out there. The geometrical design gives a really awesome effect when you look at the back of the device. The bumper is designed to be smooth to the touch, but also add grip to make sure the phone stays securely in your hand when you’re using it and the oversized cutouts means you should never have an issue with the flash rebounding into the camera lens, connecting a cable or scanning your fingerprint.

Product Link (Pixel): Amazon
Product Link (Pixel XL): Amazon

6Pleson Tou


The Pleson Tou is a ultra-thin, clear case that is perfect for those of us who don’t want to cover up the awesome industrial design of the Pixel. The dot pattern that Pleson employs is designed to keep fingerprints away while adding more grip to the case. There are also oversized cut-outs for all of the volume rocker, power button, USB type-C port, camera, and fingerprint reader.

Product Link (Pixel): Amazon
Product Link (Pixel XL): Amazon

7Cimo Matte Protective Case

This case from Cimo is another in the slim and lightweight archtype. The case hugs the Pixel without adding much bulk or weight and provides some nice fall and scratch resistance while looking pretty good, too. Not only does the case look good, but it also provides some extra grip and comes in six colors.

Product Link (Pixel): Amazon | Cimo
Product Link (Pixel XL): Amazon | Cimo

8RhinoShield Impact Protection

The RhinoShield Impact Protection screen protector is one of the most impressive cell phone accessories I’ve ever seen. There are tests done where you can literally hit the screen with a hammer and nothing happens. Check out Unbox Therapy’s video to see how just how crazy this thing is. Then go buy one.

Product Link (Pixel): Amazon | RhinoShield
Product Link (Pixel XL): Amazon | RhinoShield

9Skinomi TechSkin

Skinomi is one of the first search results you’re likely to see when you search for screen protectors due to its long and distinguished record of producing quality products. The TechSkin screen protector uses a wet application method to make sure that the screen protector has a perfect fit with no bubbles underneath or edges fraying. If you’re not married to using tempered glass, Skinomi’s TechSkin is about as good as it gets for plastic screen protectors.

Product Link (Pixel): Amazon
Product Link (Pixel XL): Amazon

10Yootech Tempered Glass Screen Protector

If you are married to a tempered glass screen protector, you may want to check out Yootech’s. The screen protector has 99% clarity and will protector your screen from scratches and falls. I wish I had one on my Nexus 6P when I dropped my keyboard on it… Ouch. Buy a screen protector before disaster strikes, folks.

Product Link (Pixel): Amazon
Product Link (Pixel XL): Amazon


  1. Orcs a shame Cruzerlite want included. Great case, competitive price and a classy Android molded into the back cover.

  2. Matt, if you’ve tried these and other screen protectors on the Pixels, can you advise as to which of these cover the most of the screen? Most tempered glass protectors reviewed fail to even cover the full viewable display area of the screen.

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