Question of the Week: How do you feel about the T-Mobile and Sprint merger?

The big news this week undoubtedly belongs to the report that T-Mobile and Sprint have officially, and formally, agreed to a merger. It could be quite some time before the deal is finalized, if at all, but it’s no longer just rumors and conjecture. So, that brings us to the Question of the Week.

You Tell Us

We’d like to know what you think of the proposed deal between T-Mobile and Sprint. Are you affected by it in one way or another? Do you think it’s good for consumers? Or, do you think it potentially makes things worse?

On one hand we have another major player in the US, taking us from two to three large carriers. On the other hand, we have one less competitor in the market who could push conversations forward or proactively make an impact.

Share your opinion and win a $25 Gift Card!

Leave us a comment below with your feedback regarding the T-Mobile and Sprint merger. We’ll go through the comments after one week and randomly select a winner. If your name is drawn, you’ll win a $25 Google Play Gift Card. Use it to buy apps, games, movies, eBooks, or music — you decide!

Comments entered before Sunday, May 6 (11:59PM PST) will be counted. As long as you’re on point and stick to the topic, we’ll consider you for the drawing!

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