For the Last Time, There is No Delay

Featured Opinion For the Last Time, There is No Delay

Wow, I could spend the rest of my day putting out fires. It looks like every tech site and cellular blog on the internet is reporting on the “news” that Android has been delayed. In some cases, they are saying things like “again”. I will be very blunt – There is no delay for Android.

Since the inception of the Open Handset Alliance and the news around Android started we were told that we’d see handsets in the second half of 2008. So, here we are on the eve of that window. Here’s some Calendar 101 for some of you guys – The 4th quarter makes up 50% of that “second half of 2008” we’ve been talking about.

Find me the product, device, or service that has had to push its launch back. Point to an article that shows a delay for Android and I will show you an older one that tells you that you’re only half right.

The problem I have with all these tech sites is that they keep pushing the same article without fact checking. Doesn’t anyone do their homework? Sites bigger than us, including mainstream media, are really out of touch on this one.

Here is what you can expect until we tell you otherwise…

HTC and T-Mobile are probably going to be the only company putting out a device with Android this year. Look for it around Thanksgiving. That’s the same thing we’ve been saying for better part of a year now. In fact, our first post on the subject came on November 14th of last year.

So why are there two other articles on AndroidGuys talking about a delay? For starters, that’s one of the things you deal with when you have multiple writers covering similar topics. More specifically, the first article dealt with some of the reasons why Android is taking so long to come out. The second one just confirms that we’ll be seeing Android in the 4th quarter and not in the 3rd like some of us would hope.