My Impression of the G1 So Far

Featured Opinion My Impression of the G1 So Far

My views on the G1 are both filled with excitement and disappointment based on what I have seen on the webcast and what I have gathered across the internet. The first Android mobile phone seems to have the potential to be a runaway hit after its September 23rd launch and rightfully so it should.

The G1 with Android as the driver is a match made in heaven – that 3.7 inch screen is the center piece of the hardware; nothing beats a phone with a good screen.

What Is Hot

The OS: No doubt the Android operating system will be the selling point of the G1. Even with that huge flaw which is the lack of Bluetooth transfer. Speaking of, that has me wondering what was going on at the GooglePlex during development. Being open source and Linux at that, competing platforms are kinda like getting a double whammy punch.

Input Options: Finally a true, touchy feely phone that is not limited to finger play on the screen. The trackball and Qwerty keyboard is a welcome addition. There’s not really a complaint of “too many input options.” Most of us have our preferred method and a lot of you love the touch, but there are tons of people out there who would rather not use a touch screen for high tempo texting.

GMaps Streetview: Streetview on the G1 appears to be even better than its bigger brother on the desktop; the 360 compass just takes things to another level. On a truthful note by the way, Streetview is just a toy to me, merely a fun way to show off to friends because I can get to my destination quite easy with Google Maps without the help of Streetview.

WiFi/3G: What is a Smartphone these days without WiFi and 3G connectivity features? That’s right, a Dud with a capital D. The G1 has these locked, loaded and patiently waiting to blow.

Last But Not Least: Again I love the huge screen. Seeing the phone in use sideways had my adrenaline rushing and I felt an overwhelming sense of desire to get my hands on a G1. I swear, if I was at the conference and got the chance to play with one I would have ran off somewhere never to be seen again.

What Is Bad

Looks Are Off: The G1 is no looker.

No BT Transfer: Although I and everyone else following closely knew that it was not going to make the Android 1.0 release, I’m still bummed. Here’s hoping that Android 1.5 or 2.0 is right around the corner.

No 3.55mm Jack: I’m so disappointed by this that if I go on about it I might catch a fit

No Flash Support: Why oh why does the G1 launch without Flash support? Whose fault is it? Granted, it’s not terribly important on the mobile web at this time of writing, that’s not to say it won’t ever be. I am hoping Adobe releases an Android version soon.

Those are just a few of the pros and cons I see so far with the G1. Obviously you guys will have your own feelings so lets discuss it in the comment area. I hope other members from the OHA will do better on the hardware front. Samsung where you at? Nevertheless, because the G1 is running Android that is reason enough for you to get one. Combining the fact that it’s open source with the growing developer community, I foresee that like any Google online service it will get better to near perfection.

If you are new to anything Android, well ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Android show and look out for our formal hands on reviews.

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