In the brink of my beloved Inbox being taken away by Google, and Newton dying, with Astro on its way out too, it’s time to find a great email app for Android. If you’re unfamiliar about why I would even do this, it’s the same as finding another home launcher. Different features, different looks, different possibilities. One of the only criteria I had for finding an app is the ability to use on different platforms (Android, iOS, macOS, etc.). While features and UI were the next most significant things to monitor.

Google Gmail

The obvious best choice for Android is Gmail. Gmail is pre-installed on nearly every Android phone available, and it handles much more than just your Gmail accounts.

Along with handling different email clients, you can have multiple accounts in one app and enjoy separate or unified inboxes. For those that are going to miss Inbox, Gmail has already started to adopt some of its features. You can smart filter your emails via bundles, use smart replies, and even incorporate Google Calendar and Docs.

The design of Gmail hasn’t changed all that much recently, but it does support Material Design, Google’s design language. Unfortunately, there aren’t many UI options, so no dark mode. With a generally decent UI, Google’s own support, and a host of features, Gmail is hard to beat as your new email app. Plus, it’s free.

Play Store: Gmail for Android

Microsoft Outlook

Another email app that is synonymous with a client is Outlook. Just like Gmail, Outlook supports way more than just email addresses. Outlook though has the opposite UX path than Gmail. Outlook has a somewhat better design with simpler (read: fewer) features.

At the bottom of the inbox screen, you have three static options: “Inbox,” “Search,” and “Calendar.” This makes it easy to plan out your next meeting or event or find missing emails. You also have tabs at the top for “Focus,” which is basically priority mail, and “Other,” which is the rest. For something that almost ‘just works,’ Outlook would be the perfect choice for you. If you like to tinker with your apps, check elsewhere.

Play Store: Microsoft Outlook

Edison Email

Our last primary option on Android to choose from is Edison Mail. Edison is the first app on this list that doesn’t have a desktop client, in case you were looking for an all in one solution. The UI of Edison is pretty basic, but that allows the app to be a bit faster in performance.

One of Edison’s claim to fame is its one-click unsubscribe feature. This allows you to unsubscribe from annoying spammers quickly. You can also undo send if you have a quick finger. Unfortunately, Edison doesn’t have a big name behind it which can be troublesome for security features or word of mouth.

Play Store: Edison Email


There are a few alternatives that are available as well if the top 3 don’t meet your fancy. Without getting into each one’s features, I’ll point out their highlight differentiator.

Missive – Allows you to chat with your teams along with interact with multiple emails in one gesture.

Bluemail – Specializes in having smart email notification settings along with focusing on setting individual settings for your various email accounts.

Typeapp – Typeapp comes with the most unique UI design in the list, it also focuses on being people-centric and having smart filtering bundles.

Coming Soon

If you were to be one of those that keep their ears out for upcoming email apps, you’d know there’s always one on the horizon. It has been confirmed from each of their developers that Spark, Pigeon, and Canary mail are coming to Android. Eventually.

These apps currently only reside in iOS and macOS but are compelling apps in their own rights. Stay tuned to see if one of them come to Android and take Gmail’s throne.

Which email app seems to be the best for you? Comment down belong on what app you’ve chosen and why. Until one of the new apps come are finally launched, I’m going to stick with Inbox and Gmail. At least until Inbox is officially put to rest.

I like the ability to customize many options and for them to work cohesively with other apps. By the way, you never really know how many emails you get a day until you test out a new client.

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