Samsung just unveiled their shiny new Note 9 and now it’s time for us to check out all of the great features. Like every year the Note 9 is Samsung’s best of the best and here to impress. Check out the nine features we love about the Note 9 below.


Samsung is one of the best display makers out there consistently winning awards year after year with their phones. The Note 9 will certainly be no exception here and the screen has even gotten slightly larger. When we say slightly we do mean it slightly though. The Note 8 screen was 6.32-inches while the Note 9 has grown to 6.4-inches.

It won’t be a huge difference, regardless fitting a larger screen in the same size body is still impressive. Plus they shrunk the bezels and there is no notch. Thank you Samsung for not jumping on this trend which adds no value to the phone or user experience.


What would a Note phone be without an S-Pen, this is one of its defining features. It is kind of amazing after all this time Samsung still keeps finding ways to improve this little accessory, but they do.

The Note 9 will include a Bluetooth S-Pen for the first time. With the new Bluetooth LE connectivity comes new features such as the ability to use it to take photos, control media playback, navigate powerpoint presentations, and more. Samsung plans on opening the SDK later for companies to add additional functionality.

The new S-Pen will charge through your phone and it only takes 40 seconds of charging for 30 minutes of usage. Don’t worry if the battery dies, because it can still do everything the original S-Pen could do when the battery is dead.


With a slightly larger screen and a Bluetooth powered S-Pen more battery power will be needed and is always welcomed. Thankfully, Samsung has seen fit to include a massive 4000mAh battery in the Note 9. This should provide a full day worth of battery life and probably more depending on your usage.

Fingerprint Scanner

It is no secret that Samsung screwed up on the placement of the fingerprint scanner on the S8 models and the Note 8 from last year. Fortunately, they have learned from their mistakes and the Note 9 moves it to the center. No longer will you have to shimmy the phone around and stretch your finger just to unlock your phone.

DeX Support

The Note series has always been marketed towards business users and with DeX it even more useful for those working on the go. These days our mobile devices are taking on more responsibilities and become our primary device rather than a secondary.

The power of DeX helps make it more flexible. Note 9 users will be able to plug their phone into a larger display using only a USB-C to HDMI cable and then use it similarly to a desktop. Where the phone will act as your mouse allowing you to navigate on the monitor. You’ll also be able to use the phone separately while DeX is active on the monitor.

More Storage

Cloud storage is great, but do you know what is even better? Not having to rely on cloud storage, especially for important or sensitive files. The Note 9 has raised the bar once again bringing the minimum storage up to 128GB.

You should have plenty of space for all of your photos, videos, music, and any other miscellaneous files. If you find yourself needing more space there is also the 512GB model and microSD card slot that will support cards up to 512GB.

Headphone Jack

Speaking of all that media you have stored on your device. You won’t have to worry about charging up a pair of BT headphones or carrying a dongle to enjoy it. While some phones remove the jack in an effort to sell you Bluetooth headphones or to slim down the device.

Samsung listens to their users and has kept it around ensuring we can still use our collection of headphones. Great news for those of us who have expensive wired headphones. Samsung even includes a nice pair of AKG tuned wired buds in the box.

AI Camera

Everyone is jumping in on the AI bandwagon these days. Now Samsung has even jumped in with the camera in the Note 9. The Note 9 will be able to detect if a photo is not its best.

For example, if someone blinks when you take their photo or it is blurry, the Note 9 will realize this and notify you. This allows you to then take another photo and make sure you don’t miss out on that precious moment. It will also adjust the color settings depending on the scene in order to give you the best-looking image.

Dual Aperture Camera

Variable aperture is a pretty unique feature for a phone to have. It started with the S9 models and is now found on the Note 9. How it works is, the camera on the back of the phone features two different apertures. One is set at f/1.5 for when it is darker and the sensor needs to absorb more light. The other aperture is f/2.4 for when there is plenty of light out.

You might wonder, why not always use f/1.5? The answer is at f/1.5 the photo won’t have as much in focus, especially for close up shots. The f/2.4 aperture allows you to capture more of the scene in focus.

That’s Not All

The Note 9 has way more going on than just these 9 features but these were just some of our favorite. My personal favorite is the larger battery. What is your favorite feature of the Note 9 and do you plan on getting one?

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