Will We Soon Forget About Android? Hardly

Featured Opinion Will We Soon Forget About Android? Hardly

I’d like to subtitle this post as “Why we’ll all soon forget about Chris O’Brien’s rants

Another day, and another senseless jab towards Android.  When will these bloggers not force us to take up the gauntlet? This time around it’s one Chris O’Brien, of Mercury News who is taking swipes at Android and the Big G with quite a few claims.

O’Brien believes we will all forget about Android.  Tell that to the 1.5million people who have already preordered a G1 and the others who are waiting to get hold of the device once its fully launched,  why don’t you?  For a device deemed “clunky”, those are rather compelling numbers.  Android plays a huge part in Google’s mobile future and, rest assured, it won’t just fade away and die.

“First, it starts off way down the list of operating systems for smart-phones. At the top of the heap are BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, the iPhone and Symbian. This last one is produced by a consortium of the largest cell phone manufacturers in the world, including Ericsson and Nokia.”

Well duh.  It’s brand spankin’ new – where else should it start? Did the iPhone came out holding the number 1 spot? What say you about Windows Mobile? Did it came out reigning at number 1? Android begins at the bottom pile and will rise to the top.

Yes, you say, but this is Google. To which I say: Yes, but this is Google.

The company has been churning out countless initiatives in every direction, but they seem to have no coordination. A year ago, it launched the Open Social initiative to counter Facebook. Heard anything about that lately?

And to that I say sure this is Google, the same Google that turned a lot of people into bloggers with it’s free blogging service “Blogger”.  It’s the same Google that created Gmail which has blown up to become almost ubiquitous.  The Google that will do the same for Android… with the help of the OHA of course.

Why, exactly, is Google doing this? There appears to be no revenue model around Android. There’s no requirement that an Android phone use Google search.

They are doing it for the sake of world peace and the economy. A dumb question deserves a dumb answer I guess, I mean even a caveman could figure that out.

The last problem is a big one. To be competitive, Android must attract developers. Smart-phones, whether the BlackBerry or the iPhone, are increasingly going to be defined by the applications that third parties build to run on them.

On the surface, Android has an appealing pitch: It’s open-source, so anyone can develop any application for these phones.

Sounds great in theory. But many of the widgets I’ve seen built for Open Social are fairly useless. And remember what happened to Facebook when it threw open its platform last year? Developers rushed in with a lot of trivial junk.

Riiight.  I guess if Android were proprietary and locked down every application then they’d be God like, yes? The iPhone’s App Store is filled with junk among the few that is actually worth while.  No matter what you do, it’s difficult to get rid of crap applications (craplication).  So what’s his point then? I still don’t get the worthless ranting.

I had to laugh when i read what this guy had to say.  He is writing about something he has no true knowledge about. Over his head, if you ask me.  Best you leave the Android writing to us AndroidGuys.

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