I often contemplate how far smartphone cameras have come and continue to improve. You’d think that they would’ve long since hit a performance limit due to their restrictive size. But no, manufacturers are still finding magical ways to push the boundaries and strengthen the argument against dedicated cameras.

I’ve been super impressed by the Galaxy S7’s camera in my three months with the phone. I own a dedicated Sony RX100 camera, but have found myself using it less and using the phone more for picture taking. I’ve even used my S7 to capture images for some of my product reviews, challenging my colleagues to tell a difference. I’m not saying that the S7’s capture quality can technically match that of the RX100, but the fact that it’s not far behind is quite astonishing.

So when I had a trip to Iceland coming up, I seriously thought about leaving behind my RX100 and solely using my S7 to capture the experience. Iceland is one of the world’s most beautiful countries, comprised of sweeping, mountainous landscapes, dramatic waterfalls, lava fields, massive glaciers, and hot geothermal springs – everything a high-end camera dreams of. I put the RX100 in my back pocket just in case, but I was confident enough in the S7’s camera to make it my go-to, and I have no regrets about it. Click the image below for 10 of my favorite shots (via Google Photos):


I want to emphasize that usability made a strong case for the S7 on a trip like this. The speed at which the camera can launch (double clicking the Home button is a superb shortcut) and auto-focus work wonders. When there’s a spectacular shot from every angle, the camera’s speed matters tremendously. This is especially beneficial when taking a quick snap from the road (but I don’t recommend it!).

We also can’t forget about panoramas! I have never shot so many panoramas at one time. It’s pretty crucial with the landscapes in Iceland, and the function works so well on the S7. You start/stop the capture wherever to tailor the length of the panorama, and it works quickly. You don’t have to sit there and sweep the phone at a snail’s pace. Click the image below for 10 of my favorite panoramas:


Some readers may think that this Galaxy S7 praise is fanboy-ism or that Samsung paid us (we don’t get paid from companies). Nope. I just wrote this to show how the S7 would perform as a primary camera on a majestic vacation, and give credit where it’s due. I’m allowed to do that on my own accord, aren’t I?

Keep up the good work, Samsung!

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  1. A couple of the pictures are darker than a real camera but must say impressed by the S7 capability. The panorama pics are wonderful. Not to mention the amount of space you save on your person by carrying only the S7. Thanks for sharing and doing the post.

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